• One on One 2: Adretheon

    Ab1tar has a one on one interview with Adretheon, one of our longer-standing members. They'll talk about where he grew up, what started him gaming, and what ultimately got him into CSS and here at TPG back in '06. ...And, of course, his responses to the James Lipton questionnaire!

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    Host: Ab1tar
    Editing: Howlin Mad Murphy
    Guests: Adretheon

    Outro: Dusk by She

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    1. the Micronaut's Avatar
      the Micronaut -
      Sup Dre! Sup Abi!
      Tehehehe. . . no I'm kidding, these are great really well done podcast you guys! I am enjoying each and every episode so far.
      Really looked forward to listening to this one, Gg!