• Love It or Hate It

    Over the years I have played a lot of video games. Some were good. Some were bad. But I know right away which column they will ultimately fall under. I played through a handful of stinkers early on, holding out hope that the next level would turn things around. Maybe the controls start to feel better. Maybe the terrible camera view is just not suited to this level. Maybe something insanely cool will happen that I will miss if I stop playing now. No, no, and no. As a child, I had my mom drive me back to the local Blockbuster on at least a couple occasions just to return a bad game. This culminated in not being given extra money to rent another game. After pouting on the way back to the video store, I formed a fool-proof plan. We arrived, and I triumphantly walked up to the counter and announced that they had rented the wrong game to me. You see, I didn't mean to rent Platoon for the NES. There must have been some sort of mix-up. I spent several minutes arguing with the poor bastard behind the counter before he ultimately relented and allowed me to swap for the other game. For the life of me I cannot tell you the name of that game. It wasn't memorable, so I didn't love it. I may have hated it, but not near as much as Platoon.

    This is the premise for an upcoming series of articles: Love It or Hate It. I will play games for 5 minutes before delivering a verdict. As a kid, I imagined I would one day be writing game reviews for a major magazine. It's great to do what you love... But I realized I wouldn't love doing it. In fact, I’d probably hate it. The first assignment in which I had to review a game I had no interest in, and then slog through it, just didn't sound very appealing. Neither is the classic review format. I don't care to read through an overdone analysis of a video game, and neither do you. My gaming time is better spent on actually gaming. When I read reviews I want to know whether you think the game delivers, and that is exactly what I will be telling you. We will keep it short and not necessarily sweet.

    Love It or Hate It will be published every Wednesday, with the first in the series launching next week. Tell us in the comments if you love it or hate it.
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    1. salty99's Avatar
      salty99 -
      woohoo, sounds like a great premise. Can't wait to see future reviews!
    1. Walkerxes's Avatar
      Walkerxes -
      Just wait til next week when the first review releases!

      *hint* Read it in a "Zero Punctuation" voice...
    1. Alundil's Avatar
      Alundil -
      Looking forward to this new article series at TPG. Good stuff.