• Episode 38: Awesomenaut

    Join Ab1tar, Adretheon, Howlin Mad Murphy, TooMuchDamage, and Judedeath as they talk about Awesomenaut, Howlin's Salami, CS:GO Tourny, TPG Homepage and Media Incentives.

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    Segment 1: WhatRUDrinkin? - WhatRUDrinkin?, introductions, and what are you playing?
    Segment 2: Howlin's Salami Smackdown - Exactly what it sounds like (accompanying video below!), CS:GO Tourney Rundown
    Segment 3: News - TPG home page changes, new content, media incentives

    Featured music - Break 1: Icarus, by Radlib; Break 2: Zoomin' Nature, by Radlib
    Outro (We Are High Speed) by Saskrotch

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    And now, a special presentation...