• Awesomenauts Review

    Awesomenauts has a lot going for it as a game. It's a fun, funny, complicated, aggravating, and strategic game that allows for much more than a typical tower defense game. For me, I mirror it to Dota2 mixed with Team Fortress 2. It's got the same cartoony feel that comes with playing TF2, and all the strategy (and game play) of Dota2.

    For those of you who haven't played Dota2, then let me explain how Awesomenauts works. It's a 2D game that acts as a tower defense/offense game. You choose a "hero" as your character and with that you get certain skills (and skills buffs) to assist you in pushing the enemy base. Each hero is a part of a certain class (Heavy, assassin, light, offense,defense, assist, etc.), much like you'd find in the TF2 world. Your objective is to destroy the enemy base while defending your own. Each team's base periodically sends out Droids that push towards the enemy base that you are to assist, and that assist you, in attacking. They also have Turrets as preemptive defenses that you must destroy to move on. To help you out your Character will gain "Solar." This Solar is found on the battlefield and when you destroy enemies or their defensive Turrets. You use the Solar to buy your Skills and Skill Buffs to improve your character.

    Now that you have the idea of the game, lets talk about why it's fun. The game comes complete with the same type of crazy characters that you would see in a game as cartoony as TF2. Each character comes with skills that enforce your character's appearance. For instance, Lonestar (pictured in this article) is a cowboy/rancher, and his main skills involve throwing dynamite and casting a bull to push enemies back. During the selection screen for your buffs, you get to listen to his unique theme song, and during the game you'll notice his unique, and often quite funny, remarks. This is only the beginning, as each character has its own way of dealing with enemies and its own personality that makes the game very enjoyable.

    Playing with friends is one thing about the game that's quick and easy. Just add them to a "lobby" and start the game. You can play both co-op games against NPC's or go PvP in a Battle. I've often found that playing with people is a lot more enjoyable, considering the AI bots on your team tend to be the ones that are missing a few bolts in the head, and the enemy AI is usually a handful if you're not on your game.

    Which brings me to the game's learning curve. Awesomenauts unlocks new things the more you play the game, based on experience points (XP). So learning new characters can, and will, take a few games. Even the first four that are unlocked from the start take awhile to get used to, especially if you are new to the idea. Learning each character is almost a must, as well, since you can't select the same character as anyone else on your team. So for new players, I'd suggest finding two or three characters you like, just in case.

    Another good thing about the game is that, for the most part, games are usually pretty quick. Only lasting around 10-20 minutes at a time. With that said, I've yet to play a good gridlocked game where neither team seems to be doing any progression. So those kinds of games could happen, but for the most part you could easily play a game for a quick time killer. This game is much more than that though, so don't expect to play once and be filled, like they say, you can never just have one.

    For those of you still wondering about the game, below is a stream we did to show you guys what the game is all about. Sorry about all the dying…

    Recommendation: Get it, it's a good time that you won't regret.
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    1. Walkerxes's Avatar
      Walkerxes -
      This does look like a fun game!
    1. a weakling spaz's Avatar
      a weakling spaz -
      I love the style of this game! I need to give this a try again as I only made it through the tutorial and bit of a practice game.