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    I hope this unleashes the inner-bandit in you all. Now go. Bring me the heads of 10 Bambis!

    Arma II: Day Z Mod
    Guide to Badassdom

    Itís early afternoon. The town lies dormant, after being slaughtered by a eager pack of Zeds I enjoy the moment's peace in town, reflecting on the recent misfortune of being zombie stomped at the north airfield. I have a ritual. I start by dropping my patrol pack. Then I sight the nearest location for 1 tin of food, 1 drink (coke is my preference) and a rifle (preferably an enfield). If Iím lucky Iíll snag a hatchet, this is key for stealth zombie kills and Bambi hunting. Iím a bandit. I didnít start this way or even think Iíd end up here, but it turns out I enjoy the nefarious lifestyle best. Let me explain, using the best of my abilities, the bandit life. You may be a carebear, a loner or a bambi at heart, but this will shed some light on those bastards you love to hate.

    Gearing up isnít traditional. We donít plan long-time. I expect to be completely back to square one by night's end. Grab the essentials, run light. Try to keep 1 cooked rabbit on you at all times. My favourite gearing spots are the dead bodies of foes. Grabbing 1 of each food / drink ensures you donít spend too much time out in the field, itíll force you to go into town to grab stuff and sometimes that can lead to a game of cat and mouse that some unsuspecting wanna-be bandit just commenced.

    Monkeysugar-sightedin-jpgBANDIT TIP #1
    So the best thing about towns is the worst thing about towns. The line of sight (LOS) is very limited in and out of town. So much detail makes people miss out on that small speck far away, or that running target into town. Always run into town if you get fired upon; block his LOS. Often snipers will choose lofty areas to pin their targets, their LOS usually will be of main areas (hospitals, barracks and other high value areas) running into town is a nightmare for them. Use cover, move fast. If you have only a hatchet or small arms (pistol or crossbow) escape town undetected, circle around using hills to block LOS and approach from a high backward angle, donít try to engage head on. Remember rolling will move you silently, anything else you can hear. If you have a rifle, work your way closer under cover. Chances are heíll scan for zed activity, so lose them first. My personal favourite technique is to throw a smoke at the sniper, on the rare chance Iíll distract the zeds, but the sniper will suddenly become worried, his position compromised 90% of the time heíll hunker down and be very wary... That's the best case.

    So after killing off that wanna-be bandit (whoís now begging, in side chat, not to bury his body) you have a few choices... Bandit code* states that you shall pursue kills above gain. No amount of gear can bring you the joy of screaming enemies. You can continue to the next large town, skirting it enough to be able to spot the ďzedĒ spawns (donít get comfortable doing this as itíll be gone in the stand-alone most likely). Or promise to the poor wanna-be bandit that you didnít bury his gear and camp his body. Leave the body's backpack to make it look less suspicious, and make sure to have a clear angle away from spawns to avoid easy detection. I bury the bodies 90% of the time... After leaving the massacre you spot a runner in town, far away. You decide to pursue into town (exciting!) but as you do, a 50 cal cracks off in the distance...

    You got shot at. Big deal. Most players are so excited, that first shot will be too low or too high (experience seems they shoot low mostly first, the 2nd or 3rd shot can be fired in seconds so STOP what youíre doing and make haste to a new more preferable kill zone). If they were a decent shot youíre lying down in cover repairing your leg, and eating a rabbit. If theyíre a great shot youíre waiting 10s to respawn, rubbing your hands gleefully at the premise of a full gear-up not far from where you died. Let's assume youíre unscathed. You zig-zag into town or into cover, avoiding easy kill points (think of LOS... roof, windows, doorways, firehalls, barracks, choppers, supply points....) make your way into a closer point. DONíT hunker down. Always move. Iíve survived too many encounters by simply moving constantly. If they are close, run them towards zombies and donít run too straight (easy kill). Avoid the avoidable.

    Always have an escape plan, or a path to a glorious death. The common mistake bandits make is not knowing how to get out. Sure that spot was awesome when you were undetected, but now that it's raining lead you are faced with imminent non glorious death by overly affectionate zeds (they cuddle you to death) or fleeing to a better vantage point.

    Make the most out of the quiet times by marking distances on your map. I love airfields, they offer a veritable plethora of weapons and gear that carebears canít refuse. As you know, carebears work in large groups, they often ďcycleĒ gear, pulling out everything from a zone and piling it into a loot pile. Some even have a tent nearby to offload all this new-found gear into, others love cars as portable tents. Funny how quickly you can ruin their day and turn them into snipers!

    Let me set a scene for you... A large group of carebears has setup in a barracks... They are looting the area, looking for the perfect weapon, or backpack. Itís your duty as a bandit to ensure maximum chaos reigns. Youíve taken up a high vantage point, itís risky but can yield great results if you plan a blitzkrieg. To blitzkrieg solo youíll need a fast gun, and lots of ammo. I use a DMR, primarily, in these cases. Throw a distraction grenade (Smoke or HE) and begin popping them off. Donít expect to live as often youíll be outnumbered, but each kill makes it a little less uneven. As a solo bandit they are all enemies, remember theyíll be confirming targets, giving you precious seconds for killing them for being so precautious. A group of bandits blitzkrieging can result in bandits killing bandits, oh well you gotta die one day, why not in glorious battle...

    Monkeysugar-fire-jpgBANDIT TIP#4
    Play dirty. If you think being a bandit can be clean think again... The odds are usually against you if you solo bandit, try to get a few like minded bandits and spread out. Cover a town and make sure they know its a hard place to survive. I personally love distracting players to allow other bandits to kill them easily. 3 vs 1 is great odds if the 3 have the jump. Mean? Hell yeah, your job is to make them scream, you are the badassness that presides in the server. Your lecherous depravity will make players quake and retaliate, meaning more people to kill... Embrace the dark side.

    I hope this glimpse into bandit life was useful, hell if it wasnít then I hope it makes you want to try and hunt me and my =NoM= Bandits down on TeamPlayerGamings private hive. But remember the hills of Panthera arenít as safe as what they appear...

    Let me leave you with the bandit code...

    The Bandit Code

    1. Kill or be killed, no conflict should be left bloodless.
    2. Pursue kills above all.
    3. Plunder your dead, bury the weak.
    4. Gear isnít important.
    5. The best weapon is the one that kills.
    6. Bambis are live target practice.
    7. Never trust a Bandit.

    I hope this unleashes the inner-bandit in you all. Now go. Bring me the heads of 10 Bambis!
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      I know as soon as I get this the stand alone will come out.
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      I know as soon as I get this the stand alone will come out.
      I am figuring mid year to autumn launch, they may run an alpha earlier. Worth buying twice though tbh...

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