• Episode 39: Dex and Dusty Return

    Join Ab1tar, Adretheon, Dex and Dusty as they talk about the new Atlanta server box, the CS:GO 5v5, Arma3 server and... Adretheon's sister's bedroom?!

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    Segment 1: News - New server stuff, what have we been playing, oh, and yeah, WhatRUDrinkin?

    Segment 2: Didn't we just do that? - Ab1tar relies on Dex and Dusty to save him...

    Segment 3: Wrap up - New movies coming out and other nonsense.

    Featured music - Break 1: Razor Blades, by Twilight Electric; Break 2: Blink and you'll miss it
    Outro (Sentinel) by Oozish

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