• Hate It: League of Legends

    In the era of free to play games, itís important to remember that you are also free to not play. My recommendation for League of Legends is the latter. Youíre free to play something better. I expect to hear from some rabid fanboys after this one. Why am I hating on LoL?

    My number one gripe is that you start out gimped. Want to play some cool Champions you saw someone else play or read a guide on? Tough shit. There are over 100 Champions, and as a new player you have access to about 10% of those. If LoL was an FPS you would start with 10% health and have to unlock additional health to be effective in the game. Your buddies that have been playing for a while would tank direct RPG hits while you canít even shrug off a nerf dart. Sure, you start on par with other new accounts, but the point is you simply donít have all of the tools at your disposal. You donít have to pay for the Champions in LoL. Champions can be unlocked by playing the game. A lot of the game. Iíd much rather spend all of my playtime on enjoying the game rather than grinding to be able to enjoy the game. Want to play all of the Champions in LoL? Okay, well, be prepared to spend several hundred hours or several hundred dollars. Whatís that? Fuck that, you say? Yeah, me too. Want to play all the Heroes in Dota 2? Well, I hope youíre prepared for the staggering effort of doing absolutely not a damn thing. Theyíre all available to you from the get-go.

    After playing both games I just donít get why LoL has such a large following. I know some of you may perceive this article as a shill for Dota 2, and you might be right. At least a bit. I fucking love Dota 2. Itís the clear winner for me in this genre. I did start with LoL, so I feel like I gave it its fair shake. If Iíd written this article first, it would have read much the same but without referencing Dota 2. LoL didnít grip me because I wasnít willing to spend my ever-shrinking amount of free time or my hard-earned dollars to gain access to everything. I think there are LoL players out there who might be a bit intrigued by Dota 2, but just donít want to abandon their investment in LoL. I canít say I blame them after what it took to get there.

    LoL indeed..
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    1. Zelmon's Avatar
      Zelmon -
      Amen! I thought grinding in video games were gone with the Super Nintendo. Granted it has been awhile since I have played LoL, but good lord only one map? Boring. Maybe if I had some friends playing the game with me in the same room ala Old School Lan Parties, maybe the grinding wouldn't seem so monotonous. Now I know there are players who really enjoy the mountains of microscopic checks and balances that go into strategies for each champion and situations but that's just not me.
    1. Predecessor's Avatar
      Predecessor -
      LoL was fun for a couple of months. When it first came out and only had around 20 Champions. This is the free to play concept gone way to far. They have added so many champions that it takes way to much time or money to try them all. I gave up playing this game 6-8 months ago and I haven't looked back since. I have been enjoying playing Smite every now and then for my MOBA fix. I enjoy the 3rd person view and not having to click to move is amazing.
    1. a weakling spaz's Avatar
      a weakling spaz -
      I don't mind the view in LoL, or clicking to move. It's pretty natural if you have ever played an RTS. If you haven't I can see that it would take some getting used to and might be frustrating. I might give Smite a look sometime, but for now I am pretty set on Dota 2 for my MOBA fix.
    1. thr3kvya's Avatar
      thr3kvya -
      Have you looked at Heroes of Newerth? Like LoL but waaaay better