• Love It AND Hate It: BioShock Infinite

    In todayís special (yeah, not late, special) Friday edition of Love It or Hate It, weíre taking a look at BioShock Infinite. This game had huge expectations to meet, but not really for me. While BioShock is one of my favorite titles of all time, the sequel just didnít do it for me. The experience just wasnít much different, and felt stale to me. While I was glad to see that BioShock Infinite was moving away from Rapture and to the clouds, I had serious reservations that Irrational would be able to build another strong title in the series. I wasnít wrong. I hate BioShock Infinite.

    But wait. I also love BioShock Infinite. See, I told you it was a special edition. Ahem.

    So what has Irrational done to reinvigorate the series? In all honesty, not much. The environment is fantastically well done. Iíve found myself feeling like a tourist at times, just taking in the sights. Also, itís 2013 people. Where the fuck is smell-o-vision? Seriously. The only thing missing from the environment is the smell of hot dogs and popcorn of the food carts and the lingering scent of gunpowder in the air.

    Apart from the setting, not much else has changed. The new story shares a few elements with the past games. Plasmids are now called "vigors." Eve is now known as "salt." The Big Daddy is now the Songbird. The weapons, while as satisfying as ever, are nothing short of ordinary. Now, the flip-side is that this is also good. The core gameplay is the star here. My gripes with the lack of newness aside, itís still as much fun to play.

    If youíre new to the BioShock series, then do yourself a favor and pick this one up. If youíre not, and youíre looking for something new, then my advice is to go ahead and skip BioShock Reskinned Infinite. At least for now. Itís worth picking up on sale.
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    1. Warprosper's Avatar
      Warprosper -
      So you make your judgement on this game based on 1.6 hours of play or were you playing a console version? You thinking that the songbird is the new big daddy leads me to believe you have only played for a very very short amount of time. I would advise that next time you review a game of this magnitude, you actually play it.
    1. CivilWars's Avatar
      CivilWars -
      Read the information on what his review series is about. It is initial impressions of a game, not everything A-Z.
    1. a weakling spaz's Avatar
      a weakling spaz -
      Love It or Hate It is not a series of traditional reviews. I don't need to play through the entirety of a game to know if it will keep me engaged, and I will not be slogging through games that I do not enjoy. I am only offering opinions here. My word is not the gospel, and by all means disagree with me and let me know. The gameplay in Bioshock Infinite is as fun as ever, but I just didn't find enough new in the experience for it to really grip me. I felt as if I could be playing a DLC for the previous games. If you really get into the story then you may get more out of it than I have, but I stand by my point that if you are looking for something new, this ain't it.