• Metro: Last Light Review

    Is Last Light the saving grace that this series needed or did it too fall short of greatness?

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    For those of you who don't know, I'm pretty big on the Metro series. After playing Metro 2033 I read the book the game was based on and fell in love with it. I also loved the first game a lot based only on the concepts it had. There were so many new and interesting game mechanics in Metro 2033 that made the game stand apart from most FPS games. However, for the most part I felt that these innovations fell short.They either didn't do enough to matter in the game, or they felt like half finished ideas that left you wanting more than they gave. For instance, the flashlight in the game was powered by a hand generator that you had to pull out and pump up to get the flashlight at full strength. However, the flashlight itself would never go out. It would grow dim, but it wouldn't ever just shut off. This ruined the whole idea of having the hand generator in the first place.

    Metro: Last Light fixed a good amount of the issues that I had with the first game. Most of the ideas that fell short in 2033 felt completed in their latest game. Last Light really is what ever sequel to a game should be; taking the ideas from the first game and expanding on them. That's not to say that everything was fixed but it was a much better game than the first in that regard.

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    I had big issues with the enemy AI in 2033. I felt that when a fire fight started, the enemy would know your exact location even if they couldn't see you and you moved.This Auto AI ruined the stealthy parts of the game, and hurt the fun of sneaking in a fight. Last Light fixed this issue with dumber AI. I know it sounds bad, and it is. I like that they dumbed them down, but I felt it was to much. However, is didn't make the game any less fun. It's just a little disappointing.

    2033's idea of the Metro having no ammo was spot on. When playing Ranger mode, there was hardly any ammo and you ran the risk of using your money(military grade ammo) as bullets for when you were out. This made the game test your skills on head shots and patience. However, Ranger mode had the same amount of ammo as the Regular mode in Last Light. All they did was limit the amount you can carry. This ruined the whole idea of the scavenging in the Metro for me. I remember having to replay parts of 2033 cause I only had 3 shotgun shells and a clip of smg ammo. It forced me to be a better shot so that I wouldn't waste ammo. However, in Last Light ammo is on every person you kill and there's never a risk or running low.

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    I could go on, but I do need to talk about the good things this game does. All in all Last Light is still a really good game despite the things I've mentioned so far. Lets start off with the most notable thing, the graphics. My oh my this game is beautiful.It is one of the best looking games I've played in a long time. The scenery and the lighting of the game is perfect. It really sets up for some good stealthy game play, and it just looks nice. The surface levels made the post apocalyptic Russia look amazing. The game is set after the fallout of the nuclear strike and the surface is starting to show signs of seasons again. This time provides some really beautiful scenery of a plant infested city, extreme colds, and rainy weather. This mix paints a nice picture of the city trying to heal itself.

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    As I said about Metro 2033, the story in Last Light is decent, but sub-par when compared to the book's story. There's also some issues with the way the game played out in the first one. In 2033 you had a good ending and a bad one. The bad ending was your typical ending and fit with the story of the new game, but the good ending doesn't fit with the story at all.However, one could argue that to get the good ending you have to jump through some hoops that most people wouldn't have done. With that said, the story is atypical one where you are told to go kill this creature but you instead want to save it. The game confused me by saying that it was based on Metro 2033(the book) and it really wasn't. 2033 the game was based more on the book that Last Light was. Maybe it's based on one of the other books I've not read yet(cause they haven't been translated into English yet). Either way, for a game story,it's not bad but don't expect to be blown away.

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    The game play was really well done. I had a better time playing Last Light than I did 2033 for this reason alone. The game felt fun to play, and I was excited to play more.What both Metro games did really well was not only have awesome shutouts and stealth missions, but it also showed the Metros. It showed how people lived in the Metros and how they adapted to living underground for so long. There were"side missions" that you could do just as a good Samaritan. One of the Metros had a boy crying to his mother about him losing his teddy bear. They never notice you or direct the conversation in your direction, but you can actually find the lost bear and give it to the boy. You don't really gain anything from doing it, it's just there for if you hear it and decide to look for it. The Metro was filled with people talking to each other, and you could walk up to anyone of them and listen to their conversations. It showed that the game's world was much more than the story at hand, it was full of life. This is what grabbed me as a gamer in the first game, and I'm so glad they kept it in the second.

    Overall, the game was a success in my mind. If you take what the first game offered and what it lacked, and compare it to Last Light you'll see they took a step in the right direction. It's not prefect, but it's still a well done game. If you never played Metro 2033 then you should buy it and then play this one.

    Recommendation: Loved it.
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