• Ragnarok Online 2 Review

    Not even the cuteness can make up for this game's faults…and dear god is there a lot of cuteness.

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    I know, I know, I've been reviewing and overviewing a lot of F2P MMORPGs, but when a game is free, you got to give it a try since who knows it could be great. Or, like Ragnarok, it could be a bit of a mess. There's plenty wrong with the game that just made me sad because from the look of the screenshots and the videos I saw it reminded me a lot of Star Ocean. I loved Star Ocean on the PS1. It had so many good things going for it like the crafting of weapons/food/equipment/etc. The story was fun and interesting, the look of the game was new and fun, and the game play was a good mix of action and RPG.

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    Unfortunately, Ragnarok wasn't nearly as good as Star Ocean. The game itself was a bit buggy. I ran into multiple issues of being stuck in the "talking" screen and had to reset the game to fix it. Rendering times were slow and laggy for every single map, even the maps where you were alone. The hit detection isn't always 100% and using skills felt slow and cumbersome. The game feels like it’s a beta, like there's much more work to be done, and maybe it is. It sure wouldn't surprise me if it was.

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    Aside from those issues, the game suffered from what I'm going to call "WTF is this, are you serious?" syndrome. Issues with the game that shouldn't exist because game designers should know better. For instance, the keys are difficult to get used to, you don't use the mouse to aim in this game like most MMOs. Instead it controls more like a top down game, even though the camera is behind you. This means you have to hit keys to move the camera around, or hold the right click to look. Considering the speed of the game, these controls just don't work. They make fighting a chore and for the most part make you not want to move around when fighting which in turn gets you hurt more.

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    Apparently, Ragnarok also has battle areas when fights begin. This means if you move X amount away from the battle area (or away from the person you are fighting) the fight will "reset". This is extremely frustrating when playing with a Ranger character cause most of your skills are supposed to be used at range. If that wasn't enough, steps in the game also count towards distance. I was fighting a boss, and in the very small room we were in there was two steps up to "higher ground". The boss couldn't jump up these steps like I did so it had to go around to the smaller side of the stairs to get up. However, the distance from where I was standing and the, most likely, 5 feet to where he had to go was too far and it reset his health as he went back to his original place.

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    The game just doesn't feel complete. There are a lot of rough edges in the game; more than enough to turn the average gamer off. Yes, there is an overabundance of cuteness in this game. So, if you are a gamer that likes the anime cuteness look and feel, then the roughness of the game might be dulled by that. But, I'm not that kind of gamer, and the issues stood out way too much for me. Hopefully the game will get some fixes that will make the mess a bit cleaner, but till then this game is tough to get into.

    Recommendation: I wouldn't bother, unless you're into that kind of thing.