• Neverwinter Overview

    The D&D based game, Neverwinter, is now in its open beta, but does it live up to the D&D name?

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    I've been doing a lot of gaming in the F2P MMORPG area of the internet, and I've honestly been enjoying myself a lot more than I used to when I played RPGs like this in the past. Recently I picked up Neverwinter, a RPG game based in the world of D&D. Now, before I go on let me scrub any assumptions you may make about this game. Neverwinter is not an RPG in the traditional sense. The game play resembles that of a hack and slash game more than an RPG.

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    A vast majority of my game play was spent attacking, then defending,and then attacking again, or just attacking and taking whatever little damage the grunts give me. I didn't feel like I was planning a strategy game or even an RPG at all. It felt more like your typical hack and slash, and coming from the world of D&D, I felt saddened that it wasn't a full on RPG feeling game.

    The story and the quests are all there; go kill X amount of these things, go collect X amount of this stuff, and go check out this area. You equip your best weapons and gear and level up your perks just as you would in a regular D&D type game. The look and the feel of the game, regardless of how disappointingly copy and paste it all was, felt like an area from the D&D world. All of which made up for the fighting being less than typical for an RPG.

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    Now with all that said, the game is still fun. I did, however, feel a missing quality of the game based on the fighting style. That didn't stop me from enjoying it though, it merely made me want more than the game gave. When I play an RPG in the vein of D&D, I expect the game to feel like my journey and not this character's journey. Even during character creation I didn't feel like I was making the character I wanted but what they gave me.

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    The classes felt very similar as if they all played close to the same way, which in battle only strengthened my idea that I would be playing any of the classes the same way I played the one I picked. The race, place of birth, look, and religious choices of my character all felt like they had no hold in that game at all. That they were just there for look, or because it was a D&D game and those things were expected. I was hoping those choices would change my quests or my starting area, but they seem like they are just there to please the player.

    The weapon and gear choices were limited by class, so I couldn't use any type of weapon but the ones predetermined. I understand my sword and shield character shouldn't be as good with a spear, but they could have allowed me to pick a different type of sword and not just a "insert weapon adjective name here" longsword.

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    Overall the game was still a fun get away, but there is room for improvement (which is why it's still in beta). I did feel restricted in the game and that the game play itself was pretty easy. This kind of ruined some of the experience of the game, but it was still enjoyable and would probably be more so with someone to make a party with.

    If you like RPG's and D&D, I'd still suggest giving this a look, especially since it's free.