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    Just Another...Life? | 03-31-14 | by SpankyMcFly3play-jal_mar3114-jpg

    Spanky's Thoughts

    Excited to have my simple comic start sharing the front page with all the talent and time that has been shown there in the past. I am honored to have been invited by the admins to be here.

    Just to give a little background to this comic, it started out way back in 2010 when I was playing 2142 on TTP and thought I would put it up to highlight and lampoon aspects of the game and game play. just another 2142 life A lot of the links are down, and the context may be lost on some, if not most, but it was a good run and had over 4000 views.

    Life and times, not to mention the total lack of support of the game by EA and consequently the loss of players, caused me to wander off from 2142, and gaming in general, to other things. With the advent of finding a few more opportunities in my schedule to get back to the “drawing board” on other projects I found the remnants of “2142 Life” and thought I might resurrect it but in a new incarnation that looked at gaming and things that might go on in a gamers life in general. Originally posting in the Artwork and Custom Content forum, Just Another...Life? , the 14 comics put up so far in the last 4 months has once again done pretty well in gaining attention with over 700 views.

    I hope to update the comic twice or more a month if possible, but at least once a month. I am open to criticism, commentary and ideas for content. All I ask is that any feedback be respectful and constructive.

    As I put updates I may provide commentary about the context or just rambling thoughts to help with the mood in general.

    Thank you again for this opportunity. Hope we all enjoy the time we have together.

    “Say goodnight Gracie.”

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