• Logitech G920 Racing Wheel


    I bought the G920 wheel w/shifter for myself as my Christmas present. It is pretty much identical to the Logitech G29, but it has Xbox controls instead of PS3. I just liked the look of this wheel over the G29.

    I actually had previously won an Intel 750 SSD drive from some Intel Facebook thing, sold it on Ebay for $370 and picked up the wheel with shifter for $399. I know many of you are probably asking "Why would you sell a FREE Intel 750 SSD?"

    1. I currently have 4 x 730 SSDs in 4 way RAID 0, and I also have a small Samsung 951 M.2 SSD on my board. They are fast enough, and I have a ton of SSD storage space.
    2. The Intel 750 PCI-E drive will pretty much ruin the look of my case build if I have it in my last PCI-E slot.
    3. I think the prices of those drives are a bit high, and for me to keep it for 5-6 months until I make a PC that needs a new SSD, I bet it will be half the price.
    4. I really wanted a racing wheel.

    The wheel is... um... okay...

    Pros: I absolutely love the way the wheel feels. The build quality is good, and it worked right out of the box, with my Logitech software automatically detecting it and adding it as a device. The force feedback is great, with engine vibration, road bumps, and physics-based feedback really providing a great driving experience. It is adds to the immersion of games like Asseto Corsa, Project Cars, and Dirt. I had so much fun playing Project Cars over at a friend's house that I decided to buy my own copy on the Steam holiday sale.

    Cons: The brake pedal is GOD awful! It has a rubber damper inside that some people like, as it adds to the realism of the brake pedal being harder the more you press on it, but I found that in most cases, the pedal doesn't even register unless I am using full force. This would be okay if I wasn't like the majority of people playing games, who are sitting on a chair with wheels. When I press the pedal, I almost always push my self back 1-2 ft from the wheel as I roll across the floor. The mounting is a bit crappy for desks, and I recommend a permanent solution as the clamps just don't do it for me. There are some screw mounts for the wheel, shifter, and pedals if you wish to pursue a permanent mount. They can range from $75 for a basic mount to upwards of $500-1000 if you are seeking a full on racing seat with a monitor mount.

    Overall verdict: If I hadn't bought the wheel mostly from proceeds of something I got for free, I would likely return it. There is a mod to remove the rubber damper from the brake pedal, and a lot of people say it may take away the realism of the pedal, but it at least makes it functional. You can also purchase a heavier spring if you still want it to be a bit more firm without the rubber damper.

    I have only spent a few hours on the wheel, and it takes a long time to calibrate correctly, and every game is different. I plan on keeping it and playing with it a bit more. It is a lot of fun, but it also causes a lot of frustration getting it calibrated. I also think that some games are just better suited for a game pad. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted being two of them that I spent some time with.

    I will post back with my progress over time, but as of now, it is hard for me to recommend this product unless you are going for setting up a racing simulator. If you are, then I recommend taking a look at some other manufacturers like Thrustmaster. There are pros and cons for each setup.
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