• Super Seducer II Advanced Seduction Tactics review by Rick Moscatello

    Icky Name, Charming Game

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    Behold The Face Of Your Guru!

    The title is easiest the worst part of this “game,” because Super Seducer II (SS2) isn’t about seduction in the normal use of the word: your main focus here is simply to get a date with an attractive female in a variety of situations.

    It’s all about the talk, guys…you won’t be learning anything from the Kama Sutra here, nor is there nudity or even risqué behavior. You’re here to learn how to talk to women in a way which will get you a date. It’s that simple.

    Sort of.

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    Seriously, just walk right up to her?

    The game doesn’t shy away from tough nuts to crack. “Get a date with a supermodel as she walks off a yacht,” for example, is not the kind of goal a normal gamer-guy would try to accomplish, and “date the secretary you just hired” is likewise a quagmire of ways things can go wrong in the modern world, though the game does an excellent job of navigating you through it. The challenging situations continue with interracial dating, dating a much younger woman, and more.

    These interactions, by the way, are all performed via live-action vignettes, very competently acted, with professional camera work and credible script-writing. From a film critic’s point of view, set design is pretty lean, though it gets the job done. Even with all the good information here, this game could have died from bad acting, and I’m glad it didn’t.

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    Yes, Master, it is not my responsibility to water the plants even incrementally, I see that now. Thank you, Master.

    Your mentor in all this is a handsome Lothario-type, overflowing with very good advice. With each dialogue gambit, for good or ill, you’ll cut back to Lothario’s lair where he’ll talk about your decision in more detail—you often have more than one correct approach, and get an opportunity to navigate away from any pitfalls you fell into (such as accidentally attracting the attention of a hostile ex). I'm being a little unfair here--"Lothario" is the mastermind behind the whole game franchise, and while he may not be loved for it, I give him major props for creativity.

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    WWLD, amirite?

    To be fair, many of the dialogue options are laughably inappropriate (“masturbate into nearby potted plant”). Don’t be afraid to explore such options, doing so is pretty harmless (in game! Many of these actions might have legal consequences in the real world). At worst, your mentor will give you a talking to about proper behavior, then you’ll go back to your original list of dialogue options.

    I repeat that the worst part of the game is the title—“Super Seducer” denotes a sleaze factor which simply isn’t here. I can see a male being embarrassed if his girlfriend saw this title on his computer, doubly so since there’s nothing here past a PG rating (if you’re going to do the time, at least do the crime, after all). A more fair title would be “Solid collection of advice and dating tips for weird situations” even if I concede that title isn’t nearly as sexy.

    One has to give a game its premise—SS2 just can’t be compared to Call of Duty. In terms of dating simulators, there’s not much out there, and by that low bar, SS2 is good if you’re even remotely interested. If you’re looking for a legitimate dating game, one which might even help you out in the real world (never know when a model will fall off a nearby yacht…), SS2 is pretty awesome…just rename the shortcut to it on your desktop, and realize you won’t be playing this six months from now under any circumstances.

    Overall Rating: 80
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