• Head:Set 4 Pro review by Rick Moscatello

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    Great cheap headphones

    Between rambunctious pets chewing on cables, endless ďtoo many cordsĒ incidents, and ears which apparently leak acid, I go through headphones fairly regularly. Thus, I donít like putting too much money into them, even as I find headphones drastically improve my gameplay (and improve the experience as well).

    The Head:Set 4 Pro does a great job solving my headphone problems, although certainly does have a few issues Iím willing to accept in exchange for a good price.

    It has a microphone, and sound quality (both ways) is good, just no issues here (youíll need to use an included splitter to use the microphone on a PC, though).

    For good or ill, the cord is short. Itís long enough for laptop use, but if you like to wheel around away from your desktop, youíll have problems. That said, it does make cord management a bit easier.

    The box also includes a hook you set up on a piece of furnitureóyou donít have to set your headphones down and hope they donít get knocked to the floor. Itís a cheap thing and wonít bear much weight beyond the headphones it was designed for, but useful.

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    The big news here is earcups. I donít know what it is, but these always rot on me, or rip off, or crack, orÖsomething. Itís the main reason I donít want to blow big money on headphones, because once this part breaks, thereís just no fixing it in a satisfactory way.

    Until now.

    The Head:Set 4 Pro has fully detachable ear cups, via magnets, and comes with an extra pair of cups. Snap one off, snap a new one on, and youíre set. The only weakness here is they snap off easily (Iíve already dropped the setódid I mention how hard I am on headphones?), but with magnetic clips, thatís not an issue. Perhaps theyíre not quite as comfortable as expensive headphones (Iíve bought the bullet before), but I can still wear them for 4 hours or more with no real issues.

    The ear cups also can be rotated/flattened for easy cramming gently placing into your laptop sleeve or bag.
    Bottom line, not only is the price reasonably low for real headphones ($29.99), youíre basically getting a headset and replacement with one purchase. Iíll be using these for quite some time, and if you go through these things anywhere near as often as I do, youíll find these a great investment.

    Overall rating: 91
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