#1. Play with your team.

CS is an objective based, team-oriented game. It's a shame that so many servers are full of one-man hero's and the idea that the only time to play as a team is in a match. This server exists to end all of that. If you want to be a rogue, or you think you play better alone‚ then go buy a single-player game, and go do that. On our server, you WILL play WITH your team, or you WILL be punished. Use your mic, follow the leader (or be the leader), and get the objective completed.

#2. Communicate with your teammates.

There is more to do in an online game than to simply trudge through it solo. If you want to play by yourself, without saying, typing, or responding to anything. why are you doing that in a MULTIPLAYER SERVER? If a request is made of you, answer. If you are being spoken to, respond. If you want to talk with your friends through external VOIP to the detriment of communicating with your team, go play somewhere else. If the only communication skills you can muster are insults to your teammates, mutiny against the organization of the team, or to purposefully cause conflict, such as spamming your microphone with music or singing, be prepared for punishment by the admins. Nothing is taken more seriously than an insult to the team, and spamming your microphone with “Shutup! I'm in CAL. You guys are noobs" is about as bad as it gets.

#3. Pursue your objective, or die trying.

The objectives are pretty simple. One team is on offense, and the other is on defense. The defending team should protect their objective (the bombsite or hostages) and the offending team should pursue that objective (by planting the bomb or rescuing the hostages). Yes, CS will give a team the win should they kill all members of the opposing team. However, killing all members of the other team should come secondary to the objective, perhaps only as a consequence of pursuing that objective so strongly.

There is no such thing as camping for a defending team. They must guard the objective, and if the objective doesn't move, there's no reason to think that the defenders MUST move to protect it. HOWEVER, there is quite a disease in CS, in which the offensive team (bomb-carrying terrorists or hostage-rescuing CT's) does little to pursue their objective. The best examples would be on dust, or italy, where frequently, offensive teams will simply wait out the clock near their spawns, hoping to draw out curious members of the defending team. This is camping. Pure and simple. If you wish to camp, do so on a DEFENDING team.

The server has implemented measures to discourage offensive players from camping. These measures apply to the CT's on a hostage map and to the T's on a bombing map. These measures are fully automated, and thus unbiased. The bomb is displayed on your radar, as are the hostages, so there can be no excuses for disregarding the objective. The round timer is also displayed, and exists for a reason. If you are unwilling, or incapable of completing your objective in the time allotted, you will be punished, harshly.

In addition, if you are consistently camping, promoting camping, and losing while camping on an offending team, expect to be punished further. The admin will take notice immediately when outbreaks of unjustified camping occur, and may supercede the automated punishments at any time for something more "appropriate", up to and including kicks or bans. Though we are reluctant to punish any one player for doing as his team does, we will identify and persecute the chief campers quickly, and move down the ladder from there.

Keep in mind, we are NOT asking you to run off into your deaths. But we ARE asking you to play CS. This is not Quake. This is not Doom. This is not Unreal. If you want to stand around and shoot at things, I'm sure there's a “fight yard" map open somewhere out there for you to sit around on.

This is Counter-Strike. There has to be an objective, and a means to take it or defend it. Otherwise, it's not CS. It's just a DM where you don't respawn.

#4. Abusive conduct cannot be tolerated.

If you are an abusive player, with offensive sprays, insulting communications with your team, and purposely playing to lose, expect to be punished very quickly and harshly. However, since we are a teamplayer server, occasionally it will be the responsibility of members of the team to speak out against slow acting, weak, or ignorant players (such as those not planting their bomb, persistent spawn campers, etc). The admins would GREATLY APPRECIATE the team to take care of it's own problems, rather than having to step in and start burning people alive and kicking problem players. All players are encouraged to speak clearly and calmly to get their team on the same page, however the server understands that some people just don't listen. In these cases, some yelling and screaming may be involved. The admin will make a judgement depending on the circumstances for any case of abuse resulting in a hostile playing environment. Should you feel that the admin is the cause of the abuse, feel free to post such comments in our abuse forum.

If you are a player being berated by your teammates, instead of jumping up and shouting back, listen to their complaints. Did you stop in the door? Did you flash your team? Are you selling out the team strategy? Then you deserve to be criticized, and you should modify your playing style to help the team, rather than defending your non-teamplayer attitude. The admin can always solve the problem easily in this situation. The problem isn't the yelling and cursing....the problem is you, the non-teamplayer, and you will be removed from the server.

#5. VAC2 doesn't do everything.

Cheating is rampant in any multiplayer game, but especially in CS. Though VAC2 is hopefully catching and banning a significant portion of hackers, that doesn't eliminate the need for admins to make their own judgements. Of course, speed hackers, spinning aimbots, and other such nonsense are easily dealt with; however, occasionally you meet a player who not only cheats, but knows how to do so without being very obvious. Though you may not know who the admins are, you should know that there is rarely a moment that the server is populated without at least 1 admin present. Should you feel someone is cheating, feel free to chat it to the admin by typing ma_chat in console.

Our decision to ban someone is based on a variety of things. Principally, it's based upon the opinions of SEVERAL admins, and at least all admins present on the server at that time. Rarely will anyone be banned by the decision of any single admin. Also, our bans are usually held off on till a larger investigation can be made into the suspicious player's statistics. Should that player be relatively new to the server, they are typically given the benefit of the doubt, in order to give them more time to accrue statistics based upon their accuracy, kills per minute, and KD ratios. Most importantly, their statistics against more skilled, non-cheating regulars will weigh heavily for or against them. Once enough information has been gathered, either by admins spectating the player, questionable anomalies in the player's statistics, and other issues, a decision to ban will be made.

It is important for us to point out that we don't want to ban anyone. We are not some punk server run by children who are here to pwn noobs and speek leet. We are here to play a game. If we banned everyone that was good, we'd have to ban half our admins. If you get banned, and you think we're crazy, by all means, make a post in the banned forums about it. We'll listen, and we've unbanned several players who made legible, clear, and open statements about their bannings.

Things to do that can get you punished, kicked, and/or banned on the server.

#1. Cheat, or refuse to reasonably explain yourself when questioned about cheating. Explanations do not include the phrases "Shutup noobs, I'm in CAL. I pwn."

#2. Say nothing but insults in the chat and mic, especially about teamplay.

#3. Refuse to help your team.

#4. Blatantly challenge the authority of the admin.

#5. Modify your displayed ping using abnormal rates.

#6. Exploit the game using current or even outdated methods such as "bunny hopping", glitch planting, glitch defusing, etc.

#7. Outing an admin in game. Our admins are to always remain anonymous.

*Bunny hopping is a form of movement that has sinced been patched out of most HL based games. It is not simply jumping up and down, or jumping and crouching like a bunny. It also is not "skiing" down slopes or ramps. It is a coordinated, complicated movement combination of jumps, turns, and forward motion, repeated over and over, that gives a LARGE speed advantage over normal running speeds on flat ground (ramps and slopes not required). Though the speed advantage may be gone, imitating this motion WILL get you banned.

Please do not assume jumping up and down over and over are exploits that we ban. It is not. We ban for BUNNY HOPPING as defined.

Glitch Planting is a means to purposely plant the bomb in a location so that the ct's attempting to defuse the bomb are either unsuccessful or cannot defuse the bomb due to the glitch.

Glitch Defusing is a means for a ct to defuse the bomb through a solid object without seeing the bomb. If you can't see the bomb, then do not try to defuse the bomb.

Why do we ban people for exploits that no longer work? For the same reason we'd ban anyone for trying to use hacks that no longer work, or claiming to be a mygot when they are not. Play like a cheater, get banned like a cheater. TTP is a zero tolerance community on such issues.

In the event that your account is banned by VAC, Punk Buster, or any other third party software installed on our servers, you will be required to appeal to those developers. Only then, if your ban is lifted you will be granted an appeal and be required to submit an unban request in the banned forums. If you are not able to resolve this issue with those developers, you are to remain banned from all TTP property indefinitely. TTP has zero tolerance for people that choose to cheat.