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Thread: Priming and Pistols

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    Priming and Pistols

    wELL i HAVE READ THIS STEAMING DIALOGUE WITH INTEREST. I originally left TPG as an admin for exactly this reason. Some of you dont seem to like LOVE and seem to have a prejudice towards our clan. I have played with these guys for many years now and they are repsonsible for making me a better playerr. I also enjoy playing with them and strrategizing in game with them. I can tell you from all those years that none of the LOVE guys have a nasty bone in there body. Chray, CRX, Remy, Packet and I only try and help the TPG server. Yes we like to play together. But many times we play against each other EVEN DURING PRIMING. I can assure you that nothing we do individually or AS A CLAN comes form a bad place.

    If one of you come on during priming and think we are stacking unfairly, just say something nice and any of us will be glad to accomodate. But if you start throwing around accusations and negative comments, then we will ban together like clanmates should, and tell you to stuff it. Its how you approach the problem that is the problem short shot and schmo. Why not try a respectful please next time instead of the usual "LOVE STACK" comments.

    I have a very stressful job and dont really need this kind of crap.

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    Priming and Pistols Priming and Pistols Priming and Pistols Priming and Pistols Priming and Pistols Priming and Pistols
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    Re: Priming and Pistols

    Wut? Are we sure that this should be in the CS Forum? Seems a little BF4-ish to me.

    Either way....Have a muffin and relax. And Welcome to TPG.
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