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Thread: CSS crosshair problem

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    CSS crosshair problem CSS crosshair problem CSS crosshair problem CSS crosshair problem
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    CSS crosshair problem

    When I play CSS my crosshair doesn't even come up and its really fustraiting....

    Does anyone know how to bring back my crosshair?

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    Re: CSS crosshair problem

    Did you perhaps use a console command to resize it and maybe resized it to something too small to see?

    cl_crosshair scale 4500. (use this command in your console to see if that helps)

    Either that or maybe you changed it to a color that's barely visible, in which case you can change that via your multiplayer options

    I'm not sure if there is a console command that removes the crosshairs (or puts them back), someone else would have to weight in on that.

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    Re: CSS crosshair problem

    ^ if that doesn't work put in cl_drawhud 1 and see if it helps.

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