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Thread: Phasmophobia

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    Thumbs up Phasmophobia

    First of all, yes... I'm BACK. AndrewTheYahoo returns like a cicada every few years to make a post and say hi.

    Second, who's been playing the early release of Phasmophobia?

    If you're turned off by "early release" games, don't let that fool you here. This is a solid game, and the glitches are minimal. The content is fantastic and that's the real selling point.

    I've been playing it for a few days/weeks now and it reminds me of something very specific. The whole game feels like that moment of silence right before the horde strikes in L4D2.

    I love being on a team with 4 people again. I've had nothing but success squading up with some great players. It's made me sorely nostalgic for TPG.

    I just don't recommend that you play this game at midnight, like I keep doing. It's genuinely spooky. There are some great moments of tension in this game.

    Who's playing? Who wants to play with me? Let me know.
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    Re: Phasmophobia

    Most regulars haunt discord now. Might want to try there.

    Krakkens and shit. stop tempting them.
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