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Thread: PS3 in-game XMB patch pulled!

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    PS3 in-game XMB patch pulled!
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    PS3 in-game XMB patch pulled!

    so sony released our long awaited patch which brought us an in game menu system and within 24 hrs of the release they pulled if from the servers.

    i was lucky for 2 reasons. first being that i got the patch before they pulled it, second being it did not brick my system like it did for others.

    i was wondering if any of you had an issue with the patch or even got the patch the day it was up.
    i have not had a single problem with the patch so far and i love the functionality that it adds. now when im in game i can view my friends list and see whats going on now instead of being blind while im in a game. it also adds a trophy system, similar xbox achievements. not many games support the trophies yet but they are planning on patching and getting them going soon.

    i was playing bad company and switched straight over to pixel junk monsters without having to exit the game first and all of that. you can just do it straight from the in game menu now.

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    Re: PS3 in-game XMB patch pulled!

    I got it, issue free too! Though it sucks that In-Game XMB doesn't let you play music and games at the same time., well until those games get patched. The trophies sound good, and I know a few they'll have for CoD4.

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    PS3 in-game XMB patch pulled! PS3 in-game XMB patch pulled!
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    Re: PS3 in-game XMB patch pulled!

    I got 2.41 a few days later and it worked fine. Never even knew about 2.40 until after it was already pulled.

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