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Thread: Website Updates

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    Re: Website Updates

    • Fixed Blog Attachments not being displayed correctly.
    • Fixed several of the icons for buttons in the post editor
    • Enabled Tags on more parts of the site (particularly blogs)
    • Gave permission to All users to more adequately Tag content,fix tags, remove tags, and add new tags.
    • Added the sidebar to and
    • Rebuilding Tags for all content should fix the absent tagging system.

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    Re: Website Updates

    Disabled Light Theme in the interest of:
    • the update process being more streamlined.
    • no longer having to modify hundreds of classes twice to have it work.
    • eliminating incompatible colors needing to be shared between themes.
    • simplifying the structure of the web admin position

    P.S. would have posted sooner if I had remembered this thread.

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