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About that time again

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Been putting this off far too long, and thanks to Sfri I actually got my mojo back. I'll start by posting my old stuff up once a week(or so). Then I'll start cranking out new stuff. Well anwys, here's part 1

Nothing but a wasteland. There hasn't been anything here in years. No signs of water, food, or life. It's all gone. I guess we only have ourselves to blame. We did this to ourselves. We knew the consequences. I miss Charlotte and the kids. Why did you take them from me? Someone please find me...tell my story...

***“Why you reading that man? It's only gunna bring you down.”

***He didn't understand. When all that's left is the clothes on your back and the horizon to move towards you'll take anything to get your mind off of the fact that there's nothing left for you. That you're just an ant waiting out its existence.

***We'd been traveling for days. The water was low and the food was gone. So far we had lost two to the sweltering heat. There was nothing around us for miles. It used to be an old highway, flooded with cars, people, and life. Now you'd be lucky to come across anything that could be considered a sign that this world was habited by anyone.

***We had past a sign that said we were fifteen miles from some city. That was three days ago. Three long days of listening to people walking. The sound of your boots as they crunched the dirt below you. Three days of fighting off the heat from the sun and praying that you'd find something like a plant, an animal, or even a broken down car to make you believe that we were headed towards something. Three days of staring into the blank faces of the people you were with. Knowing that they were trying to hide that they knew what everyone was thinking. That we were going to die.

There was a noise. A thick thud on the ground. We turned and looked at the body behind us. He looked as if he was having a heart attack. It was John. He was older than most of the people you'd encounter. No one knew how he survived as long as he had.

***Sara ran to him and kneeled on the ground. She used to be a nurse. Knew everything that there was to know, but she hadn't actually performed everything she knew. No tests on if she would do it right or not. Just the hope that the things she didn't know wouldn't ever come up. That there wouldn't be a chance for someone to die because she didn't know how to help.

***She took the container out of her bag, and tried to give him water.

***“What the hell you think your doing?”

***She looked up at the steel barrel pointed at her face.

***“We don't have the supplies to keep him alive long enough to carry him in hopes that we'll find somewhere to get him help.”

***“What do you expect me to do with him? Leave him to die? I'm not going to do that Marcus!”

***Marcus had been traveling ever since I've known him. His back story would change every time I heard him tell it. From a firefighter, a cop, and even a scientist. He'd lost plenty of friends during marches , and knew better than to stay friends with someone for to long. He had a hard shell. Some would say that he was unjust in his actions. That he'd take things to far, but he acted the way he did because, like us all, he was scared. He knew that he or anyone else alive today wouldn't see an end to this hell.

***“Marcus, gun down! Look, we've been traveling for three days. We're tired and angry. Let's break for moment. Sit down, check our supplies, and regroup. Everyone just needs to relax before we start killing each other. Right Marcus, or are you going to kill the only one in this group that has had any medical training?”

***Marcus lowered his weapon, dropped his bag, and found a place to sit. By this time John had passed out. The odds were that he would soon die if we tried to carry him. Sara knew it. We all did. *John and Sara had a relationship much like the kind you'd have with a distant relative. They had traveled together for a long time, and John taught her a few things about survival. She was going to take the news that we had to leave him hard. He was like family, and now she had to leave his body laying in the dirt.

***“Sara, we have to leave him. You know that we can't risk carrying him along. If we had a vehicle then maybe we could, but we don't. I'm sorry Sara.”

***“Can we at least bury him? I can't just leave him laying here.”

***She knew the answer before she asked it. We couldn't risk another one falling because we used our energy to bury John. We had traveled so far already to lose anyone else.

***Gun shots were heard. Marcus grabbed his gun and looked around. The shots came closer, and along with it was a low rumbling sound.

***“It's a car. It's a God damn car!”

Marcus ran up the nearest hill and fired his gun in the air. He saw a jeep in the distance. It turned towards him and came our way. It carried three men. The three didn't look to be very bright. As if they dropped out of school to live in the back woods of some redneck neighborhood. The driver shot a hand gun in the air while he drove. He screamed out of the busted window incoherent noise. The passenger had an AK47. He waved it in the air while he sat on the door of the car. The third was a heavy set man. He stood in the back and held onto a mounted machine gun. He started to violently shot towards Marcus.


***Marcus slid down the hill to avoid being fired upon. The jeep closed in fast. We were already low on ammo, and most of us were to tired to fight. Even though we out numbered them they had an advantage.

***Marcus laid on his back against the hill. He started shouting out where he wanted everyone. He kicked his feet trying to cover himself in dirt. In hopes they would drive by him, and he could take out a wheel. The jeep sped over the hill and flew into the air. Marcus tried to hit the gas tank by shooting at the bottom of the car. The jeep landed and bullets flew out in every direction from the machine gun. I watched as a bullet struck the man next to me. His leg bent backwards as a bullet entered his knee, and blood exploded from his chest. I grabbed his rifle and took cover behind his corpse.

***The jeep sped past us. Marcus took his time with his shots. The precision would be nice, but we needed cover fire. A stray bullet shot out the left front tire. The jeep swerved and then tipped. As the jeep fell the man that stood in the back was throw from it. The machine gun had whipped around in a circle and struck him in the back of the head. After the dust settled I could see the driver crawling out of the broken windshield. A single shot was fired and he died. Marcus got up and moved around the jeep. He saw the passenger laying on the ground. He had blood smeared on his face, and his arm had a large piece of shrapnel suck in it. Marcus grinned and walked over to the man.

***“You're all going to die. YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!”

***The passenger held down the trigger of his gun and struck the gas tank of the jeep. Gasoline spilled out of it and then it was empty.

***Marcus put two shots into the man's chest, and yelled obscenities at the dead body. As much as it seemed to help, Marcus knew that it wouldn't fix our current situation. We were stuck. Out in the middle of nowhere, doomed. Like the man said, we were all going to die.

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