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A letter to the devlopers

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To whom it may concern,

Hello, I recently purchased your game for my at home PC after being curious to see if it was any good. I know that the mouse and keyboard are the primary peripherals that are used in PC gaming. However, when it comes to 3rd person shooters like the game I just purchased, I prefer to use my controller.

Using the controller feels easier with a 3ps, and I'm sure that others feel the same. I appreciate the fact that you have controller support on your game, and that it apparently works very well. What I don't appreciate is you thinking I'm a lifeless robot. That I'm a sheep that just goes with the currents, and never once could it be fathomed that I could veer off the course and choose my own destiny. No, I'm not talking about gameplay, what I'm talking about pisses me off way more than that(for the moment in time that I'm writing you this letter).

What I'm talking about is your inability to support any controller that doesn't use the same technology as the 360 controller. Look, I get it, Microsoft "owns" a majority of the gaming PC market with windows, but that doesn't mean we like them. In fact most of us hate them, well hate parts of them. I'm one of those people. I hate the 360 controller. I grew up playing playstation, and the Ps controller works better for me. So when I bought my RumblePad 2 controller form Logitech(who you should support more so than Microsoft) I was excited that it was shaped as a PS2-3 controller.

But little did I know of your treachery. Soon I found out that you don't support my controller, many don't. And if and when you did, all the controls were wrong. My joysticks were backwards and sideways(yes sideways as in left was up and right was down etc.). So now I have to download and install an emulator for my controller to be read as a 360 controller for every game UI might want to play with it. And if that wasn't bad enough, the rumble feature doesn't work when I do that. What was the point in buying a rumble controller if it never rumbles.

But alas, your constant resistance to support a vast number of gamers like me won't make me change sides cause it's "easier." No no, you have to try harder than that to get to me. In fact, I pity you. I look down upon you developers as sheep. I hope one day you'll change, cause after all you do cater to us right?


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    Keiron's Avatar
    Those dirty bastards. I don't really understand why they don't support other controllers anymore. I get they want to push the XBOX 360 controller since it is a MS product, but it's not like it's brand new or revolutionary or anything.

    I love my controller. It's a nice Game Elements Recoil that works great for the few games I actually use it with. Fits my hands comfortably and everything. It is more like a PS controller, but I'm like you and have been with Sony since the PSX so it just feels more natural to me at this point really.

    Not really surprising though that they cater to MS though unfortunately.
    Mango_Attack's Avatar
    Stealthyking's Avatar
    hahahahahaha, I usually never read these things, but this got m yattention and gave me a good laugh.
    Adretheon's Avatar
    There's a "mod" you can get that messes with the way the controller is read. Makes it think its a 360 controller, and sometimes works. But most of the time everything is backwards.
    Keiron's Avatar
    We shouldn't have to use mods though to make a perfectly good controller work with any game we want to use them on.
    Adretheon's Avatar
    They should, and I bet its not that hard to code a little more just to get any controller workin in game. But no, we get screwed.