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A Short Review of Mantle.

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Bear with the super large pictures for now, there's nothing I can do about them.

My current setup:
Sapphire HD 7870 (2nd gen)
Asus Z87-A motherboard
Patriot Wildfire 120GB (where BF4 is installed)
Asus VS229H-P e-IPS monitor, running BF4 at 1920x1080
Windows 7

The first issue is with Borderless in Mantle:

As you can see, the game window is shifted down by my taskbar. I could move the taskbar to my other monitor, but that would defeat the purpose.

Next issue is with Fullscreen in Mantle:

If you could see my cursor, it would be sitting on top of Options right now, yet Resume is still selected, and if I were to click, it would hit Resume. screenshot.render doesn't capture the in-game cursor, unfortunately.

Next is a comparison of framerates at the Ultra preset between DX11 and Mantle. I find that aiming between the two explosive barrels produces some good CPU and GPU loads:

With Mantle, framerate in the upper right:

With DirectX 11, framerate in the upper right:

Also, as a bonus, I now have the picture of my Frametimes exported:

16.67, the line that runs through the middle of the data, is a correctly rendered frame at 60fps. Any frametime below that is excess, and thus OK. I was changing how framerates are locked during this particular logging time, but pay attention to the last stretch, which is with Vsync on. There's some excess frametime in my GPU, meaning its load was very low, but there were some significant spikes in the CPU frametimes. This graph also doesn't do microstutter justice since it can only aggregate data, rather than show each individual frame spike.

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    Allane's Avatar
    Woops, forgot to clarify in the frametime log: the red line is the actual frametime. Green is GPU frametime, and Yellow is CPU frametime.