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Disappointed, Disenfranchised and basically unmoved

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Just an interesting note of my personal lack of attachment to most things political in nature at this point.

In the last month or so of the High Drama/News forum I have posted in exactly two (2) serious business threads and only 3 total (contro-images, a bill maher thing and one specifically referencing me - thanks Ae hehe). This is all very un-scientifically (sp) noted by the little green carots.

Compared to 2-3 months prior to this where almost every thread had some involvement from me to one degree or another....

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Just an interesting thing for me (likely not for anyone else). But it shows the almost complete lack of interest I now have in most things political as I know (and have resigned to) we're all fucked screwed 6 ways from Sunday regardless. The pols and lobbies have the general voting population exactly where they need them to be. Stupid and spending money as if this were a sporting event and season tickets or autographed jerseys were in the offing.


The.Uneducated.Public.Deserves.It (the shitty thing is that they'll drag us all along for the ride regardless).
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    Viktor_Olin's Avatar
    The.Uneducated.Public.Deserves.It (the shitty thing is that they'll drag us all along for the ride regardless).
    I. Wholeheartedly. Concur (and I agree).
    deputyfestus's Avatar
    I feel your pain.
    -Lazarus-'s Avatar
    I hear you. I was pretty disappointed when Ron Paul's hopes faded. I believe there is still hope for this situation we are in to get fixed though. The first step has to be to get president Obama out of office, and then if for some reason Romney pulls a rinse and repeat of Obama's nonsense, we will surely have a good shot at getting a better candidate like maybe Rand Paul in there in 2016.
    Alundil's Avatar
    Nope. And if you believe that, then enjoy your season tickets and box seats.
    CivilWars's Avatar
    Viva la revolution.

    It is our only HOPE for CHANGE.

    See what I did there?
    MaFioSo's Avatar
    I too have stopped contributing to the political threads. I've come to the realization that most people are so utterly biased and narrow minded, that they only see what they wan't to see. They already have their mind made up. They seek information that validates their point of view and completely disregard/discredit any information to the contrary. This is a very stupid and flawed way of thinking. If you show someone irrefutable evidence, yet it doesn't change their mind at all, then really what's the point? This post/rant was where I came to the realization that the masses are a lost cause.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaFioSo View Post
    Yea I think I'm done talking about this sort of stuff, I'll just live my life knowing what I know and move forward.
    MaFioSo's Avatar
    I must say though, you're posts in the political threads always gave me some hope. They reminded me that there are educated/unbiased people out there that understand what is wrong with country. Unfortunately,these people eventually stop speaking out (as you are doing) because they come to the realization that their words, backed with facts, evidence and critical thinking cannot change the mind of an uneducated, biased and arrogant person.

    And really it's not even the education that most people lack, it's their way of thinking, being so closed minded that they don't even acknowledge anything that challenges what they think they already know.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaFioSo View Post
    This why I watch documentaries, it's like storing your mind with information, the more you store, the more knowledgeable you will be, which I'm betting can only be in advantage in your life. I would especially recommend that you watch documentaries that challenge your way of thinking.
    Alundil's Avatar
    Civil - I think it'll take that, tbqh.

    Maf - thanks for the kind words.
    Alundil's Avatar
    Perfect examples of why we're doomed....(clue: these aren't that rare of examples)

    and one more (silly one video per post restriction)
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    Oozish's Avatar
    It's ok to vote for him because he's black as so many black people admit *see Jay-Z or Samule Jackson*--but not to 'NOT' vote for him because he's black? hah. Such a double standard. Typical liberal fare though.

    Our president said: The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam’ But it's ok for our Government to host and reward 15000 dollars for 'Piss Christ' exhibit. Or make Catholic Hospitals supply abortive pills for free? Please. WAKE UP

    I could go on and on. This is the most dangerous president at the most dangerous time we've ever had. Vote ROMNEY.
    Alundil's Avatar
    Or perhaps, understand that "Vote Romney" platform will be just as bad (same but different applies - just like the last election/term) in an alternate manner.

    But I hope that you don't forget to bring the "R" Pennant flag. Wave it hard.