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Getting over it: BF3 isn't all that bad

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I think it's safe to say a lot of us came from Battlefield 2.
Battlefield 2 was a masterpiece in strategic, team based first person shooters. It really had everything I ever wanted. But, even when it first came out it was littered with bugs and problems. Most of us tend to forget it because the last patch that made a difference came out in 2006 (1.41) and then they were nice enough to throw the 1.5 patch at us in 2009.

I think having 5 solid years with a wonderfully working BF2 has made us forget that some games ship 'unfinished'.

When I first got Battlefield 3, I was wowed by the graphics and the control but a few things made me angry:
Reduction in classes
No Commander Mode
stupid Battlelog interface
smaller squads
The absolute WORST mini-map I've ever seen.

After a while, I actually didn't mind about the reduction in classes. I felt like they actually did a reasonable job balancing the classes and making some work better.

Commander mode is still a sore spot for me. I enjoyed getting my orders from a commander. I enjoyed requesting UAVs and artillery. In fact, I still think that it's BS that there's no way to call for UAVs. I understand that the user controlled MAV and Mortars are supposed to be a replacement for those things, but here's the problem:

No VOIP. This is still inexcusable. Without VOIP, you can't ask someone on your team as a whole to work a MAV to help spot people... you can't shout to a mortar person that you need support on an objective. It's 2012... and they thought it was ok to release a team-based PC game with no VOIP!? It's just ridiculous.

Luckily, we have Team Speak. Though without having a working OSD for Team Speak, we're relegated to using squad-only chat. It would be brilliant if there was a plugin that allowed for 'squad', 'team' and 'all' and also had a working OSD so you could tell who was talking (you know, like Battlefield 2 did in 2005...)

But I digress... despite all these shortcomings, the game is sufficiently enjoyable. When I'm actually playing the game, I'm not really thinking about these things. I'm playing the game for what it is.

I've noticed a distinct lack in players and I wonder what that can be attributed to. I've noticed a majority of CoD players are switching to Battlefield after another disappointing (to them) release of what some people refer to as MOTSOS or "more of the same old shit". You know... like Madden and Guitar Hero and now Call of Duty.

I do think the majority of the gripes in this game can be handled with a simple VOIP installation with an OSD and both team and squad based voice targeting. Though it has not been even acknowledged by DICE at this point... it will be eternally frustrating.

Despite these setbacks, I think we all need to just 'get over it' and play the game.

Either that or agree to abandon it entirely and go back to BF2.

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    Toker's Avatar
    I am pretty vocal about the shortcomings of this game as well. I do get a kick out of a few on here who talk so much shit, yet are logging tons of hours in game. ^_^
    Graverunner's Avatar
    Bf3 isn't the game I hoped for by any means but it's fun so I play it.
    Walkerxes's Avatar
    Very well written. I've promoted it to an article.
    SpecOpsScott's Avatar
    I like the game as it is, i just wont ever consider it a true sequel to BF2. And if we didn't have such great talent here as to adapt TS to work with the game as it does... i would not be playing it. I will keep playing this game as long as it holds my interest, who knows how long that will ultimately be?
    chray00's Avatar
    nah dude, bf3 is pretty damn terrible. Disregard the 200 hours ive put into it so far, i simply have nothing better to do
    vodkash's Avatar
    Reduction in classes
    No Commander Mode
    no VOIP
    stupid Battlelog interface
    smaller squads
    The absolute WORST mini-map I've ever seen.

    Add to that:

    No squadleader functions (squad leader is totally useless)
    no option to create a own squad and give it a name
    overpowered sun
    Russian soldiers that speak english
    Maps are smaller then bf2
    not being possible to fly higher 1000 ft or meters (dont know how its calculated in bf3) (huge maps with very small playable area)
    weird bad luck deaths...........
    [CoFR]SirMoo's Avatar
    BTW: there is a working OSD in TS. It even ships with the application. Or if you have a G15 keyboard there is a plugin that ships with TS that sends the OSD straight to the LCD display on the keyboard.