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DLC and me

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I'm only posting this out of disgust.

i stopped by Micro Center a few moments ago with the intent of buying BF2 (to replace my scratched disks, and buy a new headset w/mic. I got the mic and hit the gaming center. I love Microcenter by the way, they have the best at a great price, for "In your hand now" type of consumering. What I didn't find was a copy of BF2. BLAM!!! IDEA!!! Two Isles over are USB flash drives, A Retail; employee and a marketing department could run amok with this idea but hey, its free her today, Run over to the Flash memory isle grab a two gig drive, Patch it up to the Lan/t1 I assume, Have the customer enter their stuff and ring em up for a flash drive........

Automated kiosk Wha
Branded Sales rep Wha?

Need I mention tha amount of hours that modern gamers STILL spend in video game stores.......gamstop, bestbuy, Apple.....hint hint.......bandwagon of gamers wha?

I rant, I moan, Sometimes there's a jewel.
One day I will find a useful spellcheck app.

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    Beige Lantern's Avatar
    I can't really comprehend the writing here... what exactly are you trying to say?
    [CoFR]SirMoo's Avatar
    yeah, and what's wrong with buying BF2 on Steam? You never have to worry about CDs/keys/etc again, plus it will show your steam friends when you're playing
    Walkerxes's Avatar
    I went with Steam, as well.
    WileECyte's Avatar
    If it's not available on Steam, I likely won't buy it. Nowhere else does it quite like Steam does.
    SmokenScion's Avatar
    I was more-less going for Cash in hand for a Hard copy of DLC. I don't like DLC, I don't want to buy anything online, especially software without an actual in hand hard copy.
    There are a lot of people who think likewise, a major gap in the DLC scheme of things