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Corpses that Dance, and other un-Possible things.

The first of many.

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This will be the first of many blog entries I will have on many different things at random.

I used to do this on MySpace 2 years ago until someone over there decided to get jealous and ban me because my blog was actually getting popular. The reason? "Terms of Use Violation" on a photo of a naked woman that did not show any of the "inappropriate" parts.

The photo was actually quite clever; it was a comparison on tricking the mind into thinking the positioning of the legs were actually a lamp when the photo was inverted and zoomed in (again, no "naughty" parts were shown nude).

But this also brings me to the next part of my blog post. Why must we label so many things naughty and inappropriate? Sure, much of what you see of that on the internet today is pornography, but what about that which is actually art? The human body is a beautiful thing, and shouldn't be covered up at just the first sign of a child near the same building as you.

The breasts and vagina are amazing things with what they can do, and they are some of the first things a new born child is introduced to. It is amazing the vaginal cavity can stretch as far as it does to bring forth new life into this world and is a, for the lack of a better word, miracle. But the body does not stop at that, it continues to produce the nutrients the child needs even after the complete removal of bodily connections.

When thinking about that it just seems odd when you label such things as naughty and inappropriate, even when used in the correct contexts.

And this brings me to the third and final part of my first blog post: Context. Why is it when we live in a world where things have been written, revised, rewritten, edited, and violated so many times that even a pillaging Knight of the Middle Ages would be ashamed, that we still manage to twist and churn and pervert every little thing into meaning things that are galaxies away from what the original idea was?

It is disgusting. People no longer read the whole, but always the part, allowing them to take what was originally a kind gesture and mutate it into the most insulting of arguments.

Please, for the love of whatever god you believe in/worship, start reading things as a whole and see the full meaning of what a person says.


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    ninja|oaklandr's Avatar
    So to sum up your first post, breasts and vagina are amazing things.

    Congrats on your first blog post!
    moving-target's Avatar
    yay for boobies ?
    DancingCorpse's Avatar
    Glad you enjoyed it
    flame's Avatar
    Oh you pervert! /offence /fake
    psychonitrous's Avatar
    Eloquently stated sir.