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Smoke on the Water

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Alright Canada we're no longer friends any more and you can have your smoke back...

So it has been hazy like no tomorrow today and it smells like a campfire outside all over town. I was outside and was thinking wow how many people are grilling and who has the fire going. Then I left the house and realized it was every where!

And it is tough to sit out there without my eyes getting watery and burning. Damn you Canada!!

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    Graverunner's Avatar
    wow you have it bad. We just have a bit of a haze that we can see over the neighbors house. It's such a small amount you can only really see it from far away. Friggin canadians.
    JBMCW2010's Avatar
    Like really...I was watching the news just now and the Blue Hills, only 10 miles south of Boston couldn't see the city. The visibility was cut to 2.5-3 Miles.

    You're in NH right?
    Updated 05-31-10 at 10:39 PM by JBMCW2010 (question for Grave)
    Graverunner's Avatar
    yep. Seems to me we'd have it worse than we do.
    Coyote Warlady's Avatar
    You guys think you had the worst? LoL! I live close to Ottawa and it was bad.
    JBMCW2010's Avatar
    my Brother is in Montreal, and I'd see how he has it if he ever replied to emails...