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Alrighty then! I love playing Deep purple and led zepplin, Haven't played in ages... Figured I'd start a blog on Music and more aimed at our guitarists. Comment and leave your favourite Tab to play, my is Lazy by Deep Purple, re-learning this badboy is giving me chills and thrills! Go ahead, rock on baby!

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    K0nTANK3Rous's Avatar
    I actually like playing everything. I go from blues, rock, metal. I love to play psychedelic rock and power metal though. Several of my favorites to play are Pink Floyd, Pyramaze, and Firewind. Deep Purple has some fun ones, i concur...Dream Theater is fun stuff also, John Petrucci has some killer scales.
    RudyTheRocka's Avatar
    While all of those bands are great, I think one of the musicians that really grew on me in both musical composition and enjoyment in listening is Steely Dan.
    I listen to mostly pop punk, more underground-ish stuff like The Wonder Years and Set Your Goals, so the guitar work with them is pretty straightforward.
    However one sick band that's 100% underground that has crazy guitar parts is Kidcrash. It's like Indie Punk with crazy guitar compositions, it's awesome.
    Steve Vai is always a joy to watch/listen to, but it takes me forever to learn a section of a song by him
    K0nTANK3Rous's Avatar
    Very nice Rudy...many people don't give Jeff Baxter enough credit, Becker and Fagan's musical and lyrical abilities were super complex and never get enough credit...if you ever get to see them live...GO...they are awesome...i never got to see them back in the "drug" induced days..but "Hey Nineteen" is just friggin' awesome live!
    Kraker Jak's Avatar
    I strongly urge all guitar virtuouso's here to listen to brad pasileys instrumental album called "Play" its a combination of chickin pickin, jazz, blues, rock, and western swing...he takes you around the world with his licks, all instrumental. It is pretty amazing.