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CS:S- Stuck in a slump? Try GunGame!

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Have you ever come back to play CS from a long vacation or weekend away from playing and just suck completely? Or maybe you've just been playing for so long that you just start losing your edge and seem to lose every gun battle? I think I have a combination of both. I just got back from my first weekend away from CS for a very long time and I've been playing non stop before my weekend away. So I started playing again Monday, the day I got back, and everything was going terrible for me. I could not get a headshot for shit and it seemed that I was getting out gunned everytime I encountered an enemy. My edge was gone!

Then I remembered a beautiful little thing that I used to do to warm-up and hone my shooting skills, GunGame! For me GunGame is a great way to warm-up before getting into some really competition, i.e. TPG. The server I use starts at pistols and works all the way up to awp, he nade, and knife. (Excluding autosnipers) Then when you get your first knife kill you start with the awp and work your way back in reverse ending with nade and knife. Two or three rounds of this and I am ready to dominate!

Let me know what you think? Do you do the same thing? Do you have other manners of warming-up? All in all GunGame is a great way to get out of a slump and get back to skills and percision you need to be successful.


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    Madmax (Grape)'s Avatar
    I never warm up, but maybe I should try it. I know I was doing terrible yesterday.

    One thing I will say though is that after being away from CSS for a while I actually do way better. Maybe its just that I'm in a good mood because I am playing again, but I just seem to be on fire.
    Sosiego's Avatar
    I'm also with Max in that after some time away from CS:S I play better when I come back. It's weird...

    As for warming up, I'll do that if I sucked the day before. I usually run in a DM server, though.
    Mr_Blonde_OPS's Avatar
    I think I might have to revise my statement lol. I think what makes me lose my edge is playing for many days straight. For example I've been basically playing everyday since I joined the forums, which is about two months. Then this week I start playing and it seems that all my skills are gone. I can't explain it or think of what made me start sucking except that I have played for so long and started to over analyze things and think I can "beat the system" and get to cocky.(no homo) When instead I should be sticking to what I know are good tactics. Maybe you guys have some suggestions of what you think went wrong.
    Cyanide's Avatar
    I love GG! :D