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What is it with everyone today, replacing everything good in their lives?

We have perfectly good phones, computers, laptops, and cars. But that isn't enough. We need to have the best; always the best.

The new version of the iPhone came out today? Well then, fuck, you better throw your brand new iPhone that you got two months into the waste bin and head to the Apple Store in your brand new sports car you bought this week with the rest of the extreme debt you are already in.

No, seriously, you need to. I mean, it has like 1 and a half new features of no use on it that will not be available on your other brand new iPhone for at least a WEEK.

If you thought any of the above is somewhat funny and over dramatic, congratulations! You have half a brain and probably know how to manage money at least slightly more than your average Joe, and will probably do at least mildly better than average Joe, as well.

If you immediately went to see if there really was a new version of the iPhone after reading the above, congratulations! You are a tool of the marketing machine. But that isn't bad, you support the economy more than the rest of us schmucks who manage our money and save it for a rainy day.

But why? A god complex? Is it just hardwired into us? Do the aliens compel us to do this with mind control, or do they use drugs on us to? Or has it been this way ever since that one monkey picked up that rock and the other got jealous and used a larger and sharper rock? Who will ever know.

Or is it something else entirely? Maybe it is linked to peoples natural tendency to be brand and style loyal. But....sometimes you get bored of those brands or styles, right? What do you do? Switch, of course!

This happens all the time. Sometimes people get tired of bugs and problems with PCs, and decide to go use a Mac instead. Or maybe they just stopped enjoying the PC, they just don't know why. Tastes change. It's a very legitimate reason. It happens in many industries.

Take the Music industry as an example. Kids grow up loving the kid songs, eventually grow into the early teens liking more pop and hip hop, then through the teens and young adult lives go straight out punk or metal. Then they get to their full Adult life, and what do they discover? Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and Jethro Tull; Blues, Reggae, and Classic Rock; Gimmicks, Traditions, and Thought Provocation. Any or all, near and far.

Or, it could be change of taste in the litteral, like me.

So I end with this:

Goodbye Crunchy Peanut Butter, and a hearty Hello again to Creamy!

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    DancingCorpse's Avatar
    Did you read all of it? Confused? Good! Rate the blog post!

    Not confused? Too bad, rate anyways!
    Watsyurdeal?'s Avatar
    I'm guilty of this....remember my Razer mice collection from last year? Yea........dammit.
    DancingCorpse's Avatar
    holy fuck! Just went from 0 views to 34 in less than 5 seconds. I guess the damn blogs are just slow mofos on stats.
    Toker's Avatar
    I like to spend money. I like having newer and better things. I like fast and new cars. It's not such a bad thing...
    LuckyDucky's Avatar
    Eh, there's more to it than mentioned in your post. Yes some people may go buy a new iPhone every other month, but they may pass down their older models to family members. On the other hand some people enjoy owning the latest technology, yes it may be pointless but so is having a gun collection and so is playing games, but it's fun and that's how some people choose to spend their money for their own enjoyment. It might be wasteful, but so are the 40+ disks of 7 year old games I never touch anymore. Consider how much money you spend each year or even month buying the newsest video games. (you know the ones you absolutely MUST have) There isn't anything wrong with this, spend money however you wish to spend it, and expect others to do the same.