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Minimalist Desktop

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My new Minimalist desktop for Windows 7.

The box with the Steam, XFire, and other icons in it is a Windows Gadget made by and allows me to store any program shortcuts I want there. The first Icon that you see which is a Chess Piece opens up a flyout window listing all files in there (in this case all my game shortcuts) and allows me to open/execute them without actually opening the folder, which means I won't have a folder in the background while I am gaming.

The box at the top more near the left is a Systems control box that allows me to shut down, restart, open the Task manager, or start the screen saver at the push of a button. It has a lock function to prevent the unwanted pushing of buttons (because no one wants to shut down by the accidental push of a mouse button). It also has a Timer function which will count down an amount of time you specify and then perform any of the actions it is able to perform (shutdown, restart, sleetp, hibernate, screensave, etc.).

The tall box you see on the right is the FaceBook Explorer. It gives me updates on my FaceBook and I don't have to actually have to open the browser to do many actions on FaceBook (like updating my status, commenting on status updates, viewing friends status updates, etc. All the links you see in there in the pic open the browser though).

Bottom right is a Systems Resources Monitor box, pretty standard. On the bottom left I have a search box that allows me to select sites to search on for without opening my browser.

The Time box you see at the top (between the FaceBook and Icons gadgets) has a built in Calendar and Alarm Clock functions. The Calendar allows you to make appointments, events, etc.

The desktop background is set to change every 12 hours. Love that function in Windows 7.

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    Imisnew2's Avatar
    I can't deal with one background anymore... mine changes every 30 seconds. hehe
    CivilWars's Avatar
    That's minimal? I have 1 item on my desktop, the Recycle Bin.
    DancingCorpse's Avatar
    Better than my desktop being nearly half full of icons. And this way, I have no icons on the desktop at all.
    flame's Avatar
    The secretary at work has so many freakin icons on her desktop it drives me nuts. She asks me to come work on something for her and I just want to create folders for her! Folders! Folders! Folders! And that is why they say I have OCD...
    Bunni's Avatar
    most of my boxes do not even have desktops
    shoi's Avatar
    i have no items on mine... i use this

    vulcan showed it to me and it's pretty cool
    DancingCorpse's Avatar
    I made it a little better today with the layout. The tool bar is now hidden at the top of the screen instead of the bottom, allowing me to free up some space on the side of the screen to fit in the time box.
    JBMCW2010's Avatar
    I use fences. Its a nice piece of software. Double click and everything unless it is specifically told to stay visible on the desktop disappears. Double click again and it is back. It also has fences that are similar to your boxes there Corpse that I can throw all kinds of icons into and then set it a certain size and the icons keep going in but the box never expands it just gets a scroll bar. I like keeping the desktop clear and simple...this reminds me of a favorite video...
    DancingCorpse's Avatar
    Fences was nice for XP, but just not as great if you are using Windows 7, I find this is the best compromise I have found so far after RainMeter (I was never able to get that thing to do fly outs like these gadgets do).
    JBMCW2010's Avatar
    I use fences on win7 x64, never have found an issue.