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For some reason I get idea's in my head and just can't shake them ( no not those kind of idea's). Lately I've been thinking on green energy concepts. So here goes I'm sure most everyone has seen concrete dividers on the highway, ever notice a piece of trash blown along it buy vehicles well that's secondary wind power, now let's put a squirrel cage fan atop the divider about 3 ft. in height on the bottom side of the fan we'll mount a 12v generator w/ li-po battery these can be ran in series of modular sections for ease of replacement in case of an accident. The units can be installed in a track ( think something like pci slot ) the track could be miles long. I could go into much more detail but I want your input without my bias. Now incorporated in our little unit a simple wireless transmitter to summon help in an emergency, then at the end of the module say ten or so units there's a led floodlight tower to illuminate the roadway. Well there you have the basic concept now what can you add to this.

I have a lot more from hydraulic to piezoelectric but we'll start here.

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