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Thinking 2.0

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Ok round II this time concentration will be coastal the U.S. has massive possibilities with so much coastline.Power can be generated by wave,tidal or wind but I'm going to focus on wave. Due to the many topographical differences in our coast this can take different forms east and west coast have fairly large continuous waves the gulf not so much,there already exists a method to harness consistent wave action.

But being that I'm from the gulf coast the above wouldn't be all that efficient so what I have in mind is a mechanical hydraulic method somewhat similar to this.

The concept I have in mind would be positioned just outside of the low tide level in order to simplify any maintenance required. Now the nuts and bolts of the concept imagine if you will a large bellows(mechanical) parallel to the wave and anchored to the bed in the bellows will be a liquid(hydraulic) on the incoming wave the fluid will be forced through a line and one way check valve to an onshore pressurized accumulator witch will maintain a constant pressure from the accumulator it will travel to a hyd. motor attached to the generator from the motor it will dump to a reservoir upon the relaxing of the wave the fluid will be drawn from the reservoir via a line and one way check valve back to the bellows thus completing the cycle. So there you have it what can you do with it questions and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.

This is a crude sketch and obviously not to scale.
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Provocative Thought


    jakt's Avatar
    This is fascinating, could you post a diagram of your idea? Is this a personal or work related concept? I have a couple of ideas.
    deputyfestus's Avatar
    No it's my own vision. I'll see if I can sketch something, right now it resides between the ears.I would love to hear your ideas that was my intension by making this post to stir imagination and kick around ideas
    Updated 07-31-10 at 09:05 PM by deputyfestus
    jakt's Avatar
    I guess my thought was much like yours. I was thinking of a network of buoys, each anchored with three cables, two fixed and one to a generator held within the buoy. Having it float above water makes it easy to access.