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Well, I just found out that a girl I know is pretty much about to die. She was one of the few people that was nice to me. She has cancer around her spinal column. She had gone into remission in the summer, but right now (and the doctors don't know why) she is on a ventilator.

I can't stress enough how she was always nice to me, and how much that genuine niceness affected me.

The next day or two, people are going in to see her...I can't since I'm going to college in another state. If it wasn't for my antidepressants, I'd be crying right now out of guilt.

This really sucks...both her dying and me not able to express how I'm feeling. I mean she's my age too...she should have had a long life to look forward to. I can't even fucking cry.

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    Toad's Avatar
    Oh no... that's so sad. Sorry man. What state are you in/what state is she? Are you sure there's no way to get tickets from you to her? Have you called her yet?
    DJ Ms. White's Avatar
    I don't have her number, although she wouldn't be conscious enough to talk. I'm in Louisiana, and by the time I could get in to Texas (just found out tonight) they'd have already switched off life support. At least she won't be in pain any longer.
    DJ Ms. White's Avatar

    Goddammit I want to cry.
    Guyver's Avatar
    How old is she?

    DJ Ms. White's Avatar
    Savage's Avatar
    That stinks man
    DJ Ms. White's Avatar
    She's dead now...I'm dedicating my next radio show to her.
    Walkerxes's Avatar
    That sucks, White. I'm sorry to hear it. Worse with someone so young.
    Thorsen's Avatar
    I never know what to say in topics like this. So I'll just say I read it, and I sympathize. Words seem to lose their strength when facing the finality of death.
    DJ Ms. White's Avatar
    It's funny; I've never gotten upset when I almost die, but when it's other people that's a different story.
    Interests's Avatar
    Wow, I'm sorry Mr. White- you have my sympathy for sure
    vafaskillz's Avatar
    Just reading this....the fact that you even mention this shows you honor her well. My sympathies.
    dB!'s Avatar
    My condolences go out to you, some nice Jack on the rocks should make you feel better.
    Irishrice's Avatar
    Sorry to hear this man.. Keep your head up, life is full of uncertainty, however it is certain that we must all die. Sucks she was so young. I will say a prayer for you and her man.