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DJ Ms. White

A stroke of luck!

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The last several months have been tough. I've been dealing with the unfortunate side effects of my medicines not working. That really shot me in the foot as far as classes. While I could manage to go to classes, I was barely able to do anything else other than that and read the forums from my phone (yay for 3G). I also unfortunately could not keep up with classes while I was in them; I would write down notes, but I wouldn't comprehend them with the voices distracting me except in my thermodynamics class (I've already taken taken engineering Thermo I and II).

Today though, my mother realized that since I have two disabilities that I can stay on her insurance listed as "disabled and unable to support myself". This will allow me to not have to onto Cobra for two months this year after I turn 25 and to stay on after I turn 26. This means I will have much cheaper insurance!

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Updated 05-13-11 at 12:28 PM by DJ Ms. White