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The Lull

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I guess I've officially dedicated my blog to programming activities. However, today, I have nothing to add to my blog sequence. For the 2 or 3 of you who actually look through the code in my blogs, who check out the concepts I use, and see how another programmer makes something, I'm sorry, I do not have anything new to present today.

This blog is a filler, or an index page of sorts. I'm going to list all of my previous blogs, just in-case you missed one, and also list all my upcoming blogs. Without further adieu:
Previous Blogs

Upcoming Blogs
  • Lonestar - TPG's Source-engine Addon.
  • My Second XNA Game - Tower Defense!
  • Game Industry - What's out there for programmers?
  • C++ and Game Engines - A Physics Engine.

I'm probably going to clean up my older blogs, as this was my first attempt at creating a blog, to make them more sequential. Well, I hope you read my upcoming blogs and check out my older ones! If you thought the blog was good, go ahead and rate it. If you thought it was horrible, let me know that too! PM me or leave a comment if you have any questions.

See ya.

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