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First Post Part Deux

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So because my first one got forgotten by the internet, I'll just write a quick first post.

An Overview of JB's gaming history.

As a child started with Atari then Sega, N64, PS2, Xbox. Played alot of Halo 2 on XBL during high school by the gamer tag of JB2K2.

College career starts and JB begins to play on the PC. Takes the name JBMCW2010 (Merrimack College Warrior planed Graduating year 2010). Played Vanguard Saga of Heroes as Jebus.

After getting bored of playing the single player of BF2 JBMCW2010 went to the multiplayer and does a search for "Teamplay" as server name and comes across Texas Teamplayers and as the server was full at the time I go to the website listed and join the forums. Say hello and ask what is the best time to get into the server.

Since then I've been a long time member of the clan {Honor, Respect, Duty}, Mid level admin, a Site Moderator, formed the Eve Corporation Onyx Industrial. I plan to continue to be an active, or as active as life allows, until I retire from gaming.

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