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Some people just know what's up.

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I met a dude outside today while I was carrying my lunch back to my room after class. He's working on some construction outside my dorm, and both our paths cross so that we're walking next to eachother.

He's smiling and seems to be enjoying himself. He says, "What do you got?"
I shrug, and hold up my box. "A burrito."
"Oh you only have enough for yourself"
His joke made me laugh. "Yeah, haha."
"Is it from Freebirds?"
"Nah, school lunch. It’s alright—beef’s kinda cheap, though."
Then he makes me laugh even more, "Well, that’s the whole deal. You’re working on a budget"

There's truth in his words.

The city that I live in is San Marcos, everyone around here is real friendly and you can have a pickup conversation like this just about anywhere you go. Something that contributes to what a good friend of mine calls The San Marcos Experience. The interesting thing about these meetings with people is that once you leave, there's a good chance you won't see them again. Something about what the man said at the end made me laugh hysterically and I had a grin on my face for a good minute afterwords. It's because he knew, he was right. The immediacy of his response also took me by surprise, and he reminded me of my uncle, who also used to work in construction.

Besides this, I'm having a wonderful day. Class got out an hour early. The weather is awesome. 61*F with the sun out and the breeze blowing. It's going to get cold tonight, though.
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