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Active Team Awareness: Effectively Using The Radar as a CT

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To all the counter-strike players out there,

I want to point out something here that I think is wrong. Apparently, many players neglect their radar and other tools that are presented to them. Especially in TPG, the radar can be used to easily identify enemy team movement and specific enemy locations. Being aware of this fact is a key to success that shouldn't be ignored--not at any time in a round. Communicating this knowledge to your team can give you an advantage over your enemy tremendously. If you're playing defense, simply calling out what you see on radar can help your team to gather the information and deduce what is going to happen next. A Counter-Terrorist team that rotates quickly when they see the bomb will find it much easier to defend or retake a bombsite. In addition to this, if nothing happens and everything is silent for the first fifteen seconds of a round, you can assume the Terrorists are playing passively.

I want my teammates to be actively glancing at the radar anytime they hear far off action. I want them to use the radar to know more about what is going on around them. I want them to then use that knowledge that they have and act on it. Try to imagine these scenarios: You see the bomb in b site, and you hear your team dieing, yet nobody said anything? Rotate! See a bunch of red coming toward you?? Fall back and get in an advantageous position.

Lastly, and most importantly--we should be communicating what we see. To avoid confusion, bad calls, and unnecessary rotation, only call out bomb positions and strong enemy rushes. Everything else can be written off as enemy action, or noise. If the occasion arises that you do get duped by a fake, ask yourself these questions:
Where is the enemy going to attack me from?
Why is it quiet here?
How might the enemy plan to pursue the objective?
Are both bomb sites protected? *Look at the radar and find out.

When I am playing at at 100%, I use all of the tools presented to me in order to figure out what the enemy team is doing, and then react upon my conclusions. I hear my teammates call out a rush, I confirm the information with the scoreboard and kill display, and then confirm once more with the radar. Then I use my relative location to the action to decide which path to rotate through. As I'm rotating, I can gauge my levels of necessary precaution by looking at my location, seeing the number of enemies alive, listening to the action around me, and guessing where the enemy might be.

A few final words.
Many of you already know exactly what I'm talking about. This post is merely meant as a helpful reminder from a friend.
Playing with music on might have been a natural adaptive factor for my reliance on the radar.
Don't forget: the most important place to look is down your cross-hairs. If you're expecting a firefight, remember to actively look at your screen and actively move your mouse.
Play smart. Remember that your initial job as a defender is to protect the bombsite.

"The best weapon in this game is the grey matter in between your ears." --2manno
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    btw - i think this would be a good post in the css forums too.