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My computer is finally complete

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So I started out with a basic Cyberpower pc $400 dollar build

and heres where I'm finally at

Mobo - Asus P8H61-M LX2
Ram -8 gb
Processor i5 intel 3.0 ghz
HDD- 1 tb
Power supply- Corsair gs800 - 800 watt
DVD RW drive
GPU- EVGA Geforce gtx 560 superclocked

*if I'm missing anything please comment*

but yep thats my build

Can now run crysis 1 and 2 , guild wars 2 and BF3 on max

So thrilled with this now..

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    vafaskillz's Avatar
    Nice build....if you have any extra cash, there are solid state drives for dirt cheap that will make your system even snappier....just get a 128 gig for your games and use your terabyte for everything else
    (2)manno's Avatar
    nice, and how much did it finally set you back?
    triggerhappy2005's Avatar
    Cool, now bring it to BF3 so you rolled by me.
    Shinobi's Avatar
    Just some critiques, NO OFFENSE!
    On a H61 board, you're basically never going to CF/SLI, with that said... Wouldn't the GS800 be overkill. Also... Which i5 specifically?

    Also... What resolution are you running? A 560 non Ti Superclocked at max settings EG Ultra, seems kinda unlikely. Seeing as the 660 Ti at Ultra 1080P can't even push past 47 FPS on average.