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Blog post #1, here' goes...

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So today, about a week and a half after the site switched over, I finally found my profile settings and actually put stuff in them. woot! I looked at some of the other settings and discovered I could have my own blog. I've never had a blog before so I don't know exactly what sort of things people usually put in them so I am going to pioneer a new era of blogging; one with no clear destination or purpose. If what I post turns out to be what most people usually post, then I guess it will be a win win for all of us; otherwise this will probably end up as a place where I talk to myself about my life and feed the SsT/TPG trolls some fodder and some "make fun of Salty" ammo. I really like the concept of this area and some of the tools at our disposal here on TPG; I see possibilities for some potentially really cool blog entries.

Let me clear up a few things before we get started with this thing, these are some of the boundaries I will be setting for my blog:

I will probably be one of the most unorthodox bloggers as this is my first one and the metaphorical "you" I am talking to will most likely end up being me talking to myself as I am not very popular; however, this blog is about me and not "you" so neener neener. I will play up my intelligence, popularity, buffness, and all around awesomeness wherever I see fit and that's that.

Now that that's out of the way, I can get down and dirty with the what what...

...But that's about all of the time I have for this entry; I have some cool Ideas for future entries. I plan on talking about cool things I've seen/done/heard/talked about/ whatever. If anyone has an interest in the life of Salty or just up for an interesting/entertaining read, drop by Salty's Blog; the door's always open... figuratively speaking that is.

Until next time; this is Salty saying "don't do anything I wouldn't do." Seeing as most of you don't know me too well; I'll leave it ambiguous as such so it can be open to interpretation. This will hopefully keep you busy until my next entry. Farewell my friend(s)

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