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Tea Review #1 Peace Tea- Sweet Lemon Tea

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So I have been pondering the idea of reviewing different beverages of the tea variety for a long time; here is the first one.

Peace Tea- Sweet Lemon Tea

Since this is my first ever review, I feel that I must first establish a suitable review system for the beverages in question. The review system will be as follows and may be subject to change if I am not pleased with the outcome

Taste: x/10
Drinkability/smootheness: x/10
Size: x/10
Price: x/10
Awesome Experience Points: x/10

TeamPlayer Rating: x/50

Now, let's get down and dirty with the what-what and review some tea.

So upon entering Fry's several days ago I noticed a new brand of tea on the market; they appeared to be attempting to dethrone Arizona Iced Tea by making similar flavors in the same 23oz cans for the same price. Feeling the need to try one out, I thought it'd be the perfect test subject for my tea blog #1.

Coming right out of the can, the first drink was sort of intrusive as far a sweetness is concerned...a strong pear-like aftertaste followed which was very strange considering there was no pear related ingredients in the nutritional facts. The tea mellows out a bit after the first drink and then loses what little it had going for it. The added flavors overpower the tea rather than compliment it...which doesn't seem very peace-like. The Lemon doesn't taste as it should and leaves a bland, almost nauseous feeling in the stomach. This is by no means a terrible tasting tea, it just doesn't command the tongue as it should. It is still very new, and brews have been known to change over time, so there is still hope for some adjusted flavor in future batches.

There is a slight tangy and tart texture as it goes down but not enough to do any good. For this to work, from different teas that I have tried, it needs to have a bolder taste where the tea isn't masked as much by the other ingredients. The mellow attempt and texture combined with the poorly mixed tastes are most likely the cause of that mild nausea I had felt whilst drinking.

This Tea sports the 23oz tall-boy can that Arizona tea has become so famous for. As far as a normal tea is concerned, that would not be a problem...however in the case of this tea, it is pretty pathetic and I couldn't wait to be done with it so I could drink something else the more of it there was, the sadder I became.

At only $.99, one could say that it's worth it, considering how much you get for the price; however, I feel there are much better alternatives for the same price and that treat the tea with due respect and do so with more class.

Awesome Experience Points
It seems to me that this particular brand of tea is trying too hard to compete with other big brands who have fought their way into the market. Though they have made certain decisions regarding price and size, the tea is the big concern. When it comes down to it, people will choose the tea that tastes best considering they are all within a very similar price range. This tea doesn't leave a lasting impression with me, other than the fact that it is mediocre at best.

TeamPlayer Rating
33/50 - 66% - D

Hopefully this has been a helpful review, maybe next time you are in the store looking for a nice tea to purchase, you will remember this little read and make a decision in your best interest. However, we are all different, so don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself and see if you like it. Until next time, this is Salty saying, "if you are feeling Blue, stop by the SsT forums, we have girls "

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    Gatita_Nicky's Avatar
    ohh i love the razzlberry one
    Red_Lizard2's Avatar
    what! i thought you were going to review real tea, not stuff in cans

    I'm just busting your balls by the way :P, tis a good review.
    Updated 07-27-10 at 12:29 AM by Red_Lizard2
    salty99's Avatar
    lol, this is just the first one. I will review all kinds
    K0nTANK3Rous's Avatar
    did you hold your pinky up whilst drinking?!
    i8pptuakamonstercam's Avatar
    seems interesting i will be on the look out for this tea.