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Rattler's CSS Thought of the Week

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Shoot, Move, Communicate.

Consider it.

It can be very advantageous in CSS not be seen in the same place twice, sometimes even between one single shot and the next. Consider this tactic especially if you are outnumbered, or in a possible clutch situation. Never assume that if you see and fire at your opponent, and he sees and fires at you, that you can re-peak him and will come out on top, even if you are a dead-eye shot. Rather, assume he will move, throw a nade where he saw you, or tell his teammates EXACTLY where you are so they can shoot at you as well. Use this tactic against him, use the elements of surprise and confusion, and use your mic to tell YOUR teammates exactly where you see the enemy.

I for one call out where I see my opponents regularly, even if it is just to give everyone else a heads up. So, mentally they can picture how the opposite team is positioned throughout the map. And once I know I have been seen somewhere, I move, even if only by 10 ft. That way, the guy that saw me will be looking in the same spot for me, I will show on their team's radar in that spot, yet I have moved somewhere else entirely, and will have a slight advantage.

So many times I see players shooting at one another like the old west, or the American Revolution so to speak. Standing still, facing one another, and just shooting to see who will get killed first. It's like in their mind's they are assuming they are the better shot and are surprised if and when they are picked.

It's simple logic that is hard to argue against: Stand still and be predictable = easy target. Move around and be unpredictable = harder to hit.

Shoot, Move, Communicate.

Consider it.

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