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Collective Card Games Making a comeback?

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Growing up some of us remember initially seeing Magic the Gathering and being involved. Over time Pokemon and YuGiOh came into mainstream and attracted players to their worlds. This was mostly in part to them also having a tv show that could attract youth to them. As we have entered the Electronic age of gaming it seems like people enjoy playing many of these games still... But do we enjoy them in the same way? Magic the Gathering: Online, Clash of the Dragons, Legacy of Heroes, Ascension, and now Hearthstone have seemed to make it to the front lines of the CCG community. Hearthstone is still in the Beta phase of testing, but there are many wonderful things being said about it.

Clash of the Dragons- Starting with few cards in your deck and very little energy it seems like there won't be much you can do game wise. The way energy is setup at the moment allows you to clear the first zone with almost no difficulty. The storyline is great and gets you caught up with knowing the evolution of the characters. As you progress in levels the various aspects of PVP, Colosseum (Weekly PVP with rules on cards in your deck), and the drafting aspect begin to move to the front of the line. Drafting puts 4 players into an event where they pull cards from a pack and then select a "class" to build a deck from. These events are part luck and part skill based on your deck building. It will take time to adjust to the various card combinations in game and learn the various classes available. The premium draft events are a primary selling point for the game. Once involved in friendly competition with other players there is a driving force that makes you want to better yourself in each aspect of the game. Drafting is a great way to see new cards and obtain rarer cards. There are multiple coins/tokens available from packs which will help you in crafting cards or obtaining packs to do the premium draft events. While it does take time to build yourself to a point where multiple zones are available to you the community does assist with this. Moderators keep the chat child friendly (usually) and pass on ideas to Developers about things the community enjoys and doesn't enjoy. Every week there are updates which help keep the game new and exciting for players.

Next week I will visit Magic the Gathering: Online

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