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Ravaged - The next big thing?

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Summary: Ravaged has a ton of promise to be a great, well-supported Teamplay game and will be entering Beta in Spring 2012. One of the associate producers was happy to answer a bunch of questions that I sent him (see below).

- Fast-paced multiplayer FPS with vehicles
- Designed by a team that worked on Battlefield2 and Desert Combat
- In-game VoIP provided by Steam at launch
- Designed to have up to 64 players on a server
- Pre-Order is only $25 (includes Beta access)
- Beta in Spring 2012, Release in Summer 2012
- Uses Valve Anti-Cheat
- Unreal3 engine-based
- Gameplay modes based around working as a team

Teamplayer Gaming is always looking for the next great game to play. Enter Ravaged. It's a fast-paced post-apocalyptic first person shooter in theme of Battlefield2. In case you missed it, it's got in-game VoIP through Steam from launch. It's made by industry veterans using the Unreal3 engine as a base, with a suite of RCON commands and Valve Anti-Cheat backing it up. It's teamplay-focused and only $25 at launch. It can support servers up to 64 players and has minimum/recommended specifications that most of our machines will have no problem with.

They've got a couple nice teaser videos:

Second teaser is here:

and of course, screenshots:

Quote Originally Posted by Ravaged Developers
Ravaged is a multiplayer only First Person Shooter with Vehicles, Team Objectives, and skill based gameplay, set upon a post-apocalyptic earth devastated by natural disasters caused by the sun's solar flares. It chronicles the struggle between the “Resistance” and the “Scavengers” as they fight one another in order to gain an upper hand in an ongoing war for survival, territory and resources.

The team behind Ravaged worked on titles such as the*Desert Combat, Battlefield 2, Frontlines and more. We are developers with AAA game experience that wanted to create a team based game that requires skill and over the top fun.”

Spleeg, an Associate Producer for Ravaged at 2Dawn games, was kind enough to participate in a Q&A session over email with me. My questions (abridged for space) and his responses are below.

My Intro:
Quote Originally Posted by Toad
TPG is a gaming community based around making public servers in which everyone actually works together towards the objective for their team. We have servers for CS:S, DOD:S, TF2, BF2, Project Reality, L4D1, L4D2, and BF3. We are always looking out for the next big teamplay game.* This is not necessarily a big budget release (e.g. Project Reality, DOD:S have fairly small userbases) but rather games with:

* * 1) Great gameplay
* * 2) Team-based combat
* * 3) Voice communications among everyone on a team without having to join a separate teamspeak/ventrilo server.
* * 4) Good admin tools
* * 5) Good developer support to fix gamebreaking bugs/balance issues
* *
BF3 not having voice comm at launch was an incredible letdown, as was its poor developer support. What we've seen so far about Ravaged makes it seem like the opposite: a labor of love where the developers are actually listening to their future players and trying to make a good teamplay game. We've had several topics over the last year or two discussing the relative lack of new FPS games that have everything we're looking for and what those of us on the Game Discussions forum have seen from Ravaged looks great.

Question #1) Can you discuss how VoIP will be included in-game?

Response: Steam's VOIP will be a configurable button that is available to everyone who logs onto steam and yes it will definitely be included at launch.* You also will have two buttons, one to team talk and one to all talk
Question #2) Our community is based around having two full teams of players on a public server that work together to accomplish their team's objective. Teamplay is paramount to us. Can you go into some detail on the teamplay aspects of the game?

Response: We are going to have at least two gameplay modes at launch, thrust and capture the resource.* In the thrust game mode you have to capture and secure points in a linear pattern.* This will simulate moving the "frontlines" of a battlefield, and as you are capture points you are providing your team with more spawn points while taking away enemy spawn points.* Capture the Resource will simulate life after the end of the world, where resources (Fuel in this case) are the thing everyone is after.* In this mode you need to steal enemy resources while protecting your own, capture neutral bases around the map to give you tactical advantages over enemy fuel points.* We want the team that works together to win every time, we have tried to create aspects of the game that will really encourage team work.* Our vehicles can generally hold a lot more passengers than most games (we feel like this represents the post apocalyptic environment realistically, with like 7 dudes in a car hanging out the windows and firing off weapons) which is one of our main selling points for Ravaged, as well as our skill based gameplay.* But if you think about it, if you and 5 of your teammates are rolling in the same vehicles together, and the other team is all off doing their own thing you can thin them out and kick their ass fairly easily.
Question #3) What do you feel the optimal players-per-team will be for a server to support?

Response: We hope to have 64 players be our optimal amount, however we realize the fact that we will allow for player run servers might be great or could be laggy.
Question #4) Aside from great team-oriented gameplay and in-game VoIP, the ease of setting up and administrating a server is very important for many communities. What server administration tools will be available at or shortly after launch?

Response: We will definitely have dedicated server tools and RCON.
[Editor's note: I did some research on their website and saw the following: RCON is supported with current commands including setting nextmap, moving ot nextmap, kicks, bans (by SteamID), playerlist. For superusers it's got things like adjusting the admin list. Remote logins through a TCP port are enabled. There are several notes these capabilities are being expanded as they approach release. They actually set up a wiki for Ravaged with a section on RCON, which I take as a very promising sign that they understand how important it is to let players administrate their servers properly. RCON - Ravaged Wiki

Linux servers aren't planned to be supported (it's an indie studio with a limited development budget).]
Thanks for taking the time to respond, Spleeg! 2Dawn is an indie development house who sound like the polar opposite of certain big-name publishing houses, and Ravaged is a labor of love.

Quote Originally Posted by Ravaged Developers
We are developers with AAA game experience that wanted to create a team based game that requires skill and over the top fun.“ “Our goal is to stay independent. We have worked with big publishers before and some of us where bought out a couple times already. The lure of big publishers is not our passion, Making fun games is. We plan to stay independent.
The beta will have at least 5 maps completed. Since it's the Unreal3 engine, Resolution will be customizable (up to 1920x1080) as well as FOV and many other gameplay options. The minimum/recommended system requirements are easily within reach of most TPGers systems.

Minimum system requierments
OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), or Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2, or equivalent, running at 1.6 GHz or greater
Memory: 1.5GB
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB available
Video Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible, 256 MB of VRAM; NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS, ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro 256 MB, or greater
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible, 16-bit

Recommended system requirements:
OS: Windows Vista (SP2), or Windows 7
Processor: QuadCore 2.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Video Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible, 512MB of VRAM; NVIDIA GeForce GTX260, or ATI Radeon 4870

The Ravaged forums (in which their moderators are very active in getting user feedback about aspects of the game and answering questions) are at: Categories - 2Dawn Given that it took less than 24 hours to get a response to my questions they seem very receptive to questions and I encourage anyone interested in the game to go take a look!

They've set up an Ideascale page to solicit ideas for the game and allow community members to vote on them: Ravaged Ideas Community - by IdeaScale | Popular

In-game vehicles: Vehicles

Game web page: Ravaged

Last but not least, the Kickstarter page (with more screenshots): Ravaged by 2DawnGames — Kickstarter Contributing to the Kickstarter gets the full game through Steam on launch just like pre-ordering through the website does. The website pre-order link is: 2 Dawn Products The game is only $25!

We've got some TPGers supporting them already and I'm sure we'll have threads in Game Discussions talking about our experiences as soon as the Beta starts up. This is definitely a game to keep on TPG's radar.

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