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Thread: Diesel from photosynthesis

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    Diesel from photosynthesis
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    Diesel from photosynthesis

    was reading this article, and thought it was pretty interesting. Apparently these people are saying they've created (manipulated, w.e.) a species that will produce ethanol or hydrocarbons, at a rate of 15k per acre (and supposedly around 30 dollars a barrel). Granted, at least according to the article, the collection process isn't worked out yet, and some are still skeptical it would ever work, but still it was pretty interesting read, if anyone wants to take a gander (it is kind of long though, fair warning)

    Arizona Capitol Times » Blog Archive » Energy Independence? Company says it can make diesel at $30 per barrel with sun, water, CO2

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    Re: Diesel from photosynthesis

    Interesting indeed - be nice to see some things like this pan out. As well as some "real-world" performance capable Hydrogen cars.

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