Sup guys, here are some videos that i want to share with you. Probably you've seen some of them (they are quite popular). On the other hand there still may be people who will find them interesting. Enjoy
What do you think about Flat Earth?-flat-earth-proof-100-jpg
What do you think about Flat Earth?-4-ready-jpg

1) Camera was uplifted to 30+ km high - no earth curvature

Spy plane 70 000 feet

Baloon view

2) Thousands of miles of miles on Flat Earth

3) How movies about space are made

4) Ships dont go beyond the curvature

5) Amazing 100 km zoom

Amazing 130 km zoom

6)Plane routes confirm flat earth

7) Antarctica Ice Wall

8)The stars rotation confirm Flat Earth, because North star is always on the Dome in its centre and the North Star doesnt move. and all other stars rotates around it in PERFECT CIRCLES according to its predestination. That confirms The Divine order and creation of God

9)Bible prooves Flat Earth

10)Water level experiment confirms flat earth

11) Logo

12) nasa official documents confirm flat earth