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Thread: nVidia 600 series speculations

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    nVidia 600 series speculations

    I have been doing some research on the upcoming nVidia releases; it looks like they are dumping way more cores into the new cards. I noted that from the 2xx up to the 5xx the number of streaming processors per level of card does not change much (the GTX 480 has marginally less than a GTX 580, etc.) but some charts I saw showed the 600 series having twice the number of cores as well as higher clocks for each level. The 660ti for example has 768 cores...

    Entire Nvidia Kepler Series Specifications, Price & Release Date - Lenzfire

    Anyone got any more information?

    I am speculating about getting a 690 or a 660ti 2win (assuming someone makes one) because I have this glorious but tiny mobo and a single but buff card would reduce the temp in my GPU area and free up a PCI-E x1 and a PCI-E x16. Further the board supports only x16 on a single card (and PCI-E 3.0 ... which the 600's are (not like it matters, saturation is probably still not there)).

    Anyone ever use the dual GPU cards much?

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    nVidia 600 series speculations nVidia 600 series speculations nVidia 600 series speculations nVidia 600 series speculations nVidia 600 series speculations
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    Re: nVidia 600 series speculations

    Dual gpu cards work good, though their specs are usually slightly lower than their single card brethren.

    You are at the mercy of sli / crossfire support for games, as you are running sli / crossfire technically, sli usually does a better job at supporting newer games without a driver update.

    If you are going to wait for the 690 (if they make one, the last dual card was the 295, thats a 3 generation gap), it will come out at least 6 months after the rest of the cards are released.

    I really like my 590 though, I modded a custom bios on it to allow voltage modification and I have it overclocked to near what 580's in sli would do....
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